Student and alumni career surveys

This page includes information about the job market situation of Aalto University students at the time of graduation and about their career development. We also compile salary recommendations and other relevant matters regarding the work life for our students and alumni.

Aalto-yliopisto, tietoa työelämään sijoittumisesta

Students' summer work and internships

Professional and labour market organization TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland) and Suomen Ekonomit (The Finnish Association of Business School Graduates) gather information on their student members' summer training, salary level and skills acquired at work. Reports are in Finnish.


Working during bachelor studies

The national student feedback survey for new bachelor's degree holders ('Kandipalaute') covers studying and student wellbeing. It is carried out twice a year.


Master's degree graduates' employment at the time of graduation

Students answer the survey at the time of graduation. These surveys are carried out yearly in cooperation with TEK and Suomen Ekonomit.

Career surveys - Master's and doctoral degree graduates in working life

Aalto University Career Services follows the career development and labour market situation of our master's degree graduates five years after graduation and our doctoral degree graduates 2-3 years after graduation. These career surveys are conducted as a part of a national survey on academic graduates with the Aarresaari network of Academic Career Services representing 13 Finnish Universities. Description of the file for Career Surveys.


Master's degree career monitoring after 5 years of graduation


The latest career monitoring survey by Aalto University Career and Recruitment Services looks at the job placement of the Master of Science in Technology who graduated year 2011. The follow up study was conducted in 2016.

Career monitoring surveys are carried out as a part of the national placement monitoring. Read more about Aarresaari-network where you can also find the national results of the career monitoring survey.

Below you can find some of the most relevant results from the 2011 graduates' career monitoring survey.


Master of Science in Technology satisfied with their degree


Survey participants felt that the following skills and capabilities they need in their work were developed by studying in a University:



Aarresaari nationwide comparison between universities found that Masters of Science in Technology graduated from Aalto University in the year 2011 were most satisfied with their degree considering their career.


Masters of Science in Technology are employed by big and middle-size companies



Those who were unemployed at the time of graduation started work approximately in a month from graduation.




Masters of Science in Technology work in planning, development, administration and consultancy



Masters of Science in Technology receive good salary




Doctoral degree career monitoring after 2-3 years of graduation 

 Carried out in odd years.

Other surveys related to employment

Aalto University School of Business Bachelor's program Alumni Survey

Aarresaari network

Surveys conducted with external partners / companies

Universum yearly student survey. Below you'll find the latest results regarding Aalto University. 

School of Business

School of Art, Design and Architecture (coming soon)

 Employment surveys

Trade unions - see also trade unions' salary recommendations on their web pages



Career surveys - Master's and doctoral degree graduates in working life

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