Alumni Contacts

Aalto University International Alumni Delegates are alumni living abroad or in Finland who have volunteered to be a contact person for the Aalto University community and prospective students.  


What can I ask them about?

  • As a prospective student, for example, you may ask about their impressions and experiences of studying at Aalto University, moving to and living in Finland, and transitions after graduation. 
  • Answers given are their own opinions and may not reflect those of Aalto University.
  • Alumni Delegates are not meant to answer questions about admissions, the current situation at the University or instruct on specific arrangements.     

How can I get in contact?

  • See map below, and full list here, for our current Alumni Delegates by country.
  • Send your message to an Alumni Delegate through this form.
  • The contact form is moderated by an administrator, who reserves the right to screen or redirect misguided messages. Delegates will answer at their own discretion.
  • Please be patient, the Alumni Delegates are volunteers with full schedules, and will reply as soon as possible.