Aalto University gets you more than a degree

Do you want to make an impact? How would you like to code the next video game hit, conquer the market with your innovation, take your science project to an international fair, or better the world with your development project?

At Aalto University, you have the freedom to succeed. Our university is a community of over 20 000 ambitious thinkers – a meeting point of science, arts, and business. Emphasizing the cross-disciplinary studies, we help you discover your lasting strengths in a changing world.

Application period

  • Application period for Bachelor's Programme in English (BScBA in International Business in Mikkeli):
    10 January - 25 January 2017
  • Application period for Master's Programmes in English:
    15 December 2016 - 25 January 2017 

Freedom to Choose

Aalto University degrees get you going for a successful career. On our Mikkeli campus, you can study a Bachelor's degree in International Business in English. In Helsinki and on the adjacent Otaniemi campus, Master’s and Doctoral Programs draw talented academics from all over the world. Students get hefty discounts in transport, lodging, and dining.

Freedom to Do

From the beginning of your studies you will get to participate in interesting projects and hone your practical skills. The blossoming startup scene and initiatives like Aalto Design Factory help our students generate real businesses out of their dreams and ideas. Under the tutelage of several distinguished scholars, you can also enter the realm of research and strive for the best.

Freedom to Move

Aalto University has extensive partnerships with over 400 universities worldwide. For example, the School of Business has exchange programs with some of the best business schools in the world. International doctoral and post-doc researchers, teachers and summer schools are a strong testimony to our opportunities.

Key Figures of Success

  • 70 to 100 new businesses are founded at Aalto annually
  • The alumni of Aalto and its predecessors have won over 100 internationally acclaimed awards in science, arts and technology
  • Aalto University hosts seven distinguished Academy of Finland Professors
  • European Research Council has awarded grants to twelve promising scholars in the School of Science alone, 18 in total at Aalto University
  • MIT ranked Aalto University among the top five rising stars in the world
  • Finland is known for high educational standards (PISA etc.)

Welcome to Aalto University!




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