Training materials

In addition to the academic education during doctoral studies, there is variety of training materials targeted to improve data management skills and knowledge of both researchers and support personnel.

Research data management (RDM) skills are valuable to researchers.

  • Skills and knowledge related to RDM are the precondition to ensure the quality of data, the documentation, preservation and reuse of data.
  • RDM skills are needed especially in the beginning of research process when writing RDM-plans to fulfil the funders’ requirements. Before the data gathering phase begins, it’s imperative that all the permissions and licenses are in order.
  • Furthermore, when opening the data, RDM know-how is needed.

Comprehensive training materials 

Most of the material is in Finnish. The topics covered vary from opening the research process, opening of research outputs to opening research data.

You can access the videos  and materials of previous trainings.

NEW: Avoimen tieteen verkkokurssi/ An open introductory course into the practices of Open Science

An open introductory course into the practices of Open Science explains how to make the most of the existing outputs of open research. This course is suitable for anyone interested in Open Science.  Even though most of the course is in Finnish, the "Open Access as the basic principle of science" and "Research planning that enables Open Access" sections and the Open Science Knowledge Test are already available in English.

Mantra is a web based training course that takes you through the whole RDM-process. Mantra is divided to nine learning modules: documentation and metadata, data management planning, sharing, organising, storing and security.

Each module consists of learning objectives and content from 16 to 30 pages. Furthermore, eight modules include assignments, quizzes and video clips on researchers’ talk about their experiences. An extra “Do it yourself” package is designed for librarians but the content (presentations, reflective questions and assignments) can be applied in trainings for research personnel, as well.

Mantra is provided by the University of Edinburgh and is updated by the librarians at the University of Edinburgh.


Handbooks provide a broad understanding of RDM from a general point of view.

The handbook discusses the most important themes of open science and research.

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive guidelines help to understand the RDM related themes from the perspective of the research data life cycle. The guidelines consist of eight themes: the purpose of data management and reuse, data management planning, copyrights, informing research participants, processing quantitative and qualitative data, anonymization and storage. Although researchers from all branches of research benefit from the comprehensive guidelines, the researchers who use survey and textual data might benefit most.

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Special content – Materials that approach RDM from a special perspective

This course explains the requirements of Horizon 2020 for research data management and open access publishing. The guidelines for the Horizon 2020 documentation are linked. Concerning the Horizon 2020 requirements, the course material helps to resolve questions like: what is a metadata standard and how to find a proper one for your data, where to store the data, how to license data, where to find help on writing a data management plan. The course is free but users have to sign in. The material is provided by the FOSTER portal, a two year project to promote open science in EU.

The training materials described above are materials we recommend. Do not hesitate to suggest a new source to the list. We appreciate your help! Please contact researchdata [at] aalto [dot] fi or infolib [at] aalto [dot] fi.


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