Assessment Fields and Units

The Assessment fields reflect Aalto University’s seven key research areas that comprise four core competence areas: Arts and design knowledge building, Global business dynamics, ICT and digitalisation, Materials and sustainable use of natural resources; and three grand challenge research areas: Advanced energy solutions, Health and wellbeing, and Human-centered living environments.

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In the RAI 2018, Fields 1-4 cover Aalto's four core competence key research areas. Each Assessment Field consists of several Units of Assessment that cover all Aalto University Schools and Departments.

  • Field 1: Arts, design and architecture
  • Field 2: Business and economics
  • Field 3a: Chemical engineering and physics Field 3b: Engineering
  • Field 4: ICT and mathematics

Assessment Fields 5-7 cover the multi-disciplinary grand challenge key research areas. Combined in a single Unit of Assessment, each Unit includes researchers and research groups from various Aalto University Schools and Departments. Assessment Field 8 covers the university-wide innovation ecosystem as a whole, including also activities that take place outside the departments.

  • Field 5: Energy
  • Field 6: Health and wellbeing
  • Field 7: Living environment
  • Field 8: Innovation ecosystem

Assessment Units

Field 1: Arts, design and architecture

1. Department of Architecture (ARTS)

2. Department of Art (ARTS)

3. Department of Design (ARTS)

4. Department of Film, Television and Scenography (ARTS)

5. Department of Media (ARTS)

Field 2: Business and economics

6. Department of Accounting (BIZ)

7. Department of Economics (BIZ)

8. Department of Finance (BIZ)

9. Department of Management Studies (BIZ)

10. Department of Marketing (BIZ)

11. Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (SCI)

12. Department of Information and Service Management (BIZ)

Field 3a. Chemical engineering and physics

13. Department of Applied Physics (SCI)

14. Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems (CHEM)

15. Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering (CHEM)

16. Department of Chemistry and Materials Science (CHEM)

17. Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering (SCI)

Field 3b. Engineering

18. Department of Built Environment (ENG)

19. Department of Civil Engineering (ENG)

20. Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation (ELEC)

21. Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering (ELEC)

22. Department of Mechanical Engineering (ENG)

Field 4: ICT and mathematics

23. Department of Communications and Networking (ELEC)

24. Department of Computer Science (SCI)

25. Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis (SCI)

26. Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics (ELEC)

Multidisciplinary Assessment Fields (cover part of Aalto, overlap Fields 1-4)

Field 5: Energy

27. Energy Platform and other energy research

Field 6: Health and wellbeing

28. Health Platform and other health and wellbeing research

Field 7: Living environment

29. Living+ Platform and other living environment research

Field 8: Innovation ecosystem

30. Design Factory and Aalto innovation ecosystem


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