Science and research

Science and research

Aalto University's solid expertise in the fields of economics, art and design and technology create a foundation for the most diverse scientific breakthroughs.

Scientific special know-how of the highest quality is a prerequisite for excellent multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. Only thus can a multidisciplinary approach bring clear added value to the university. This means that the various departments are at par with the corresponding departments at other international top universities. This can be achieved when Aalto University builds on its own strengths and develops profound competence in carefully selected areas.

The University activities are based on long-term basic research and artistic activities as well as on high-quality teaching. Aalto University wants to enhance its expertise in all its areas of specialization and eventually rank among the top universities in the world.

Research organisation

The strength of Aalto University research is based on the collaboration and individual areas of expertise of the six leading schools in their respective fields.



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