Professor Matti Karjalainen appointed IEEE Fellow


The world's largest international technical society IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has elevated Professor Matti Karjalainen to the status of IEEE fellow, which is the institute's highest member grade. Matti Karjalainen is a professor at the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics; Faculty of Electronics, Communications, and Automation; Helsinki University of Technology.

The IEEE elects annually some of its members with extraordinary accomplishments to be elevated to the status of IEEE Fellow. For Professor Matti Karjalainen, this honor will be effective from the beginning of the year 2010. Previously, 15 Finns has been given the IEEE Fellow status, for example, Prof. Yrjö Neuvo, Research Director at TKK. Professor Matti Karjalainen's citation for promotion is "for contributions to perceptual audio signal modeling and processing". He is a pioneer in speech synthesis, who has also developed methods for measuring distortion in audio signals, digital filtering, and physical modeling of musical instruments. Professor Matti Karjalainen founded audio signal processing education at TKK in the 1980s. He has supervised over 20 doctoral and over 100 master's theses in the fields of acoustics and audio signal processing at TKK.

Further information:

Professor Matti Karjalainen, Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, tel. +358 9 470 22490, firstname.surname [at] tkk [dot] fi


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