Aalto University Board Reappointed


Press release August 14th The Boards of the Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) and the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK) and the Council of Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) have reappointed the Aalto University Board in their meetings held simultaneously in 14 August 2009. The appointed board members are President Matti Alahuhta, President of Boston University Robert A. Brown, President and CEO Anne Brunila, Professor Bengt Holmström, Professor Marja Makarow, Professor Saku Mantere and Senior Design Manager Anna Valtonen.

In accordance with the act on the implementation of the new Universities Act, the Aalto University Board was appointed by the Boards of HSE and TaiK and the Council of TKK, all of which include representatives from the university professorship, other teaching and research staff, other university staff and students.  In the future, the appointment of the Board will be the responsibility of the Academic Affairs Committee of Aalto University.

The Boards of HSE and TaiK and the Council of TKK all passed the proposed resolution by which the Aalto University Board should re-elect Tuula Teeri as the President of Aalto University.

In addition, all three meetings passed the proposed resolution by which the Board of Aalto University should, in decision-making and in the related preparations, ensure an appropriate degree of openness and transparency and interact with the Aalto University community, while also making sure that its decisions are efficiently communicated.

The Government appointed the Board of the Aalto University Foundation in August 2008. The three universities now reappointed the same Board in accordance with the new Universities Act after consulting the Government on the issue.  The other founding members named their Board candidates in accordance with the Universities Act.

‘The Board members have strong and wide-ranging academic and industrial expertise as well as expertise in the fields represented by the partner universities. In addition, the board members have vast international and wide-ranging international experience, which has already proven valuable. The Board has been very efficient and successful in promoting the strategic goals of Aalto University’, Rectors Eero Kasanen (HSE), Helena Hyvönen (TaiK) and Matti Pursula (TKK) state.

Under the new Universities Act, the mission of the Board is, for instance, to decide on the central goals of the university operations and economy, its strategy, the principles guiding its administration, its action plans and budget, and to prepare the financial statements. The Board has a major financial responsibility. In addition, it appoints the future president of Aalto, approves its regulations and other important agreements or matters of principle and decides the operational structure of the university. It also decides the number of new students admitted into the university.

Short presentations of Board members:

Additional information:

Rector of HSE, Eero Kasanen, tel. (09) 431 38200
Rector of TKK, Matti Pursula, tel. (09) 451 2000
Rector of TaiK, Helena Hyvönen, tel. 050 324 3657

The operations of Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki will be entirely managed through the Aalto University foundation from the beginning of 2010 onwards. Aalto University is the result of long-term and extensive preparations by the university community and other cooperation partners.





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