For Chris Brzuska, truth and understanding are supreme virtues

21. September 2018

Assistant Professor Chris Brzuska feels very lucky to be able to interact with great people in mathematics and computer science in a meaningful way, every single day.

Science and art

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  • privacy
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  • security_vulnerabilities
  • algorithm
  • mathematics

From energy engineers to energy entrepreneurs

20. September 2018

Great ideas need to be developed into business models to achieve sustainable energy transition.

Studies Cooperation

  • summer_camp
  • EIT
  • energy

Ossi Naukkarinen appointed as Vice President for Research

19. September 2018

The five-year term of office will start on 1 November 2018.


  • Ossi_Naukkarinen
  • vice_president

Curator Paola Antonelli's open lecture: Broken Nature 20 September

18. September 2018

The lecture will be on the relationship between design, nature and humanity.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

  • broken_nature
  • triennale_di_milano
  • open_lecture

Scientists found new ways to utilise biorefinery chemicals

17. September 2018

Natural catalysts convert simple biorefinery chemicals into high-value functional synthetic building blocks.

Science and art

  • biocatalyst
  • chemistry

The study of electrical engineering brought Texas students to the Finnish heat

17. September 2018

A group of students from Texas spent a hot month in a wireless communications course at Aalto University.

Studies Cooperation

You can’t tell whether an online restaurant review is fake—but this AI can

17. September 2018

Researchers find AI-generated reviews and comments pose a significant threat to consumers, but machine learning can help detect the fakes.

Aalto graduates satisfied with their degrees

17. September 2018

Next career monitoring survey starting in September.


  • Graduate_employment_survey

Aalto students won Habitare Design Competition

14. September 2018

The Habitare Design Competition was won jointly by Ariane Relander with her design Organized Chaos, and by the designer duo Janne Pärssinen and Tony Yau with their design Spotti (‘Spot’).

Honored Science and art

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  • Habitare
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Hate speech-detecting AIs are fools for ‘love’

14. September 2018

State-of-the-art detectors that screen out online hate speech can be easily duped by humans, shows new study.

Press releases Science and art

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  • machine_learning
  • machinelearning

Well planned is completely undone, says Professor Teemu Malmi

13. September 2018

The theme of the Economics Defence Course event (Taloudenpuolustuskurssi) was the reconstruction of the Finnish economy and that of an individual.

Cooperation Other

At the Aalto in Space exhibition, you can admire nanosatellites, peer into a black hole, listen to Jupiter – and make of virtual reality journey into space

13. September 2018

The exhibition offers a diverse presentation of space research and technology at Aalto. The opening event is on 21 September – come and join us!

Science and art

Using lignin to replace fossil materials

12. September 2018

Ball-like lignin particles developed by researchers open up completely new possibilities for the utilisation of lignin.

Science and art

  • lignin
  • biomaterials
  • sustainainability

Helsinki Design Awards to Aalto alumni

12. September 2018

Winners include Aalto student Mikko Latomäki and alumni Yrjö Kukkapuro and Maria Korkeila.

Honored Science and art

  • Award
  • design

The long wait is over – Suomi 100 satellite finally on its way to be launched

12. September 2018

Probable launch date of mid-November for satellite that will make observations of space weather and aurora borealis.

Science and art Press releases

Assistant Professor Pekka Marttinen develops machine learning solutions to real-life problems

12. September 2018

Prediction models developed by Marttinen can be used to assess the new capitation model included in the health and social services reform.

Science and art

  • modelling
  • machine_learning
  • machinelearning

Andrea Mancianti: Inventing VR Blindphones

11. September 2018

Mancianti presented his invention at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria last week.

Science and art Other

  • blindphones
  • media
  • Innovation
  • music
  • design

Aalto University at Habitare 2018

11. September 2018

Aalto University and its alumni are again prominently present at Habitare, the largest furniture, design and interior design event in Finland.

Science and art Other

First truly black solar modules roll off industrial production line

10. September 2018

Joint European R&D team shows that black silicon with reflectance below 1% is ready for industrial solar panel production.

Science and art

  • solar_power
  • solar_cells
  • sustainainability
  • solar_energy
  • elfys

Aalto’s team the only first-timers in World Challenge 2018 finals

7. September 2018

What happens when, by chance, two students from different fields sit side by side in the Otakaari 1 learning space?

Studies Science and art

Aalto’s faculty and students power Helsinki Design Week

6. September 2018

Aalto University people play a prominent role at Helsinki Design Week (HDW), which starts today.


  • Helsinki_Design_Week
  • exhibition
  • design

Olli Ikkala appointed Aalto Distinguished Professor

6. September 2018

Professor Olli Ikkala at the Department of Applied Physics has been appointed as Aalto Distinguished Professor. The title is awarded to Professors of exceptional academic merit.

Science and art Honored

€17 million to fund European detection and imaging innovation pipeline—product development sparred by Aalto Design Factory

6. September 2018

The ATTRACT initiative will fund 170 breakthrough projects in advanced technology for a year with €100.000 each.

Science and art Cooperation

Regulations on non-competition agreements are in need of development

6. September 2018

Commissioned report by economics working group published on Akava Works webpages.

Science and art

  • Non-competition_agreements

Textile revolutionaries, public health healer, and lots more

5. September 2018

Members of the Aalto community presented the achievements with big impact

Science and art

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