Set the initial price discount right to turn new customers into loyal ones

21. August 2017

A study, recently accepted for publication at Journal of Marketing, reports nonlinear relationship between initial price discounts and customer retention.


Student Sini-Pilvi Kiilunen wins 2nd place at Designers' Nest

18. August 2017

'This collection is marked by a high level of craftsmanship', the judges noted.

Honored Science and art

Researchers printed graphene-like materials with inkjet

17. August 2017

An international research team has developed inks made of graphene-like materials for inkjet printing.

Science and art

Updated Dipoli opens on Aalto University campus

17. August 2017

The refurbished building is a meeting place for the whole Aalto community.

Campus Press releases

Aalto and the MIT Media Lab to collaborate on campus development

17. August 2017

Aalto and the MIT Media Lab will develop a customized, interactive CityScope for scenario-testing and urban planning in Otaniemi.

Campus Cooperation

Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

17. August 2017

The areas of cooperation include healthcare data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as start-up activities.

Press releases Cooperation

Innovative learning on campus

16. August 2017

Pohjois-Tapiola Upper Secondary School moved to Otaniemi campus. School as a Service is a new concept developed by Aalto and City of Espoo.


Matti Vaaja appointed Assistant Professor of Geoinformatics at Aalto University

15. August 2017

Vaaja is an expert on photogrammetric measuring technology and 3D point cloud models, which are used e.g. for interior measurement of buildings and in autonomous robotic cars.

Science and art

NASA searches for the most imaginative applications in Helsinki – satellite data to be harnessed to aid sustainable development

15. August 2017

With satellite data, NASA Europa Challenge finalists predict wildfires and enable people with allergies to analyse pollen dispersion.

Science and art Press releases

Aalto University endowment portfolio returned 3.1% in the first half of 2017

15. August 2017

The purpose of the Aalto University endowment is to generate additional funding for top quality research and education.

Press releases Other

Sino Finnish Challenge summer camp focuses on urban development in China

14. August 2017

Students came from Asia, and the instructors were from Aalto, MIT and Stanford.

Studies Cooperation

New statistical model effectively predicts the toxicity of pharmaceutical molecules

10. August 2017

A statistical component model can be used to identify associations between chemicals and toxicological effects.

International students coming to Otaniemi to tackle climate change challenges

26. July 2017

Aalto University is hosting an international Journey Summer School focusing on climate change innovations.


Noises as well as claps associated with the Northern Lights

26. July 2017

A mathematical model confirms the hypothesis of the origin of the auroral sounds.

Science and art

Chemical route towards electronic devices in graphene

25. July 2017

Essential electronic components, such as diodes and tunnel barriers, can be incorporated in single graphene wires (nanoribbons) with atomic precision.

Press releases Science and art

Aalto-1 satellite sends first image

24. July 2017

The photograph was taken with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland developed hyperspectral camera's secondary camera.

Science and art Press releases

Kokoon house stacks up at the Flow Festival

14. July 2017

The project by Department of Architecture’s Wood Program was built to offer affordable housing to migrant populations.

Science and art Cooperation

Green Core creates the tropics amid the Flow Festival

14. July 2017

This installation, meant for relaxation, is created by students of interior architecture at Aalto.

Science and art Cooperation

Student animations light up the Flow Festival’s stages

14. July 2017

The ‘Animated Maniacs’ series of experimental works make comprehensive use of different techniques from 3D computer animations to hand drawn pieces.

Science and art Cooperation

Aalto #7 in the world among universities under 50 years of age

13. July 2017

Aalto is the best young university in Europe according to the latest QS ranking.


Assembly of the Suomi 100 satellite has begun

13. July 2017

Final assembly of the next Finnish satellite began this week in Otaniemi. The Suomi 100 satellite should be ready in August and launched into space in December.

Science and art

Aalto student films to be screened at the Flow Festival

12. July 2017

The fictional and documentary short films depict modern nomadism, a sisterly love-hate relationship, and a yearning for home. There is also one animation.

Science and art Cooperation

Aalto students paint a 100-meter mural for the Flow Festival

7. July 2017

‘Jukeboksi’ painting is inspired by music at this year’s festival and it will consume 93 liters of paint.

Science and art Cooperation

Management Communication course is now totally in web

5. July 2017

Revised course Management Communication


Letter of intent for Finnish Institute of Technology signed

5. July 2017

The institute will support the positive structural change in Southwest Finland by means of university education and innovation activities.


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