Professor Orlando Rojas to receive the prestigious Anselme Payen Award

26. March 2018

The award is one of the most important and internationally recognized awards in the field of cellulose and renewable materials.

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Aalto the first university in Finland to sign Sustainable Development Goals Accord

26. March 2018

By signing, Aalto commits to promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in its activities.

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A simple method developed for 3D bio-fabrication based on bacterial cellulose

25. March 2018

Bacterial cellulose can be used in food, cosmetics and biomedical applications, such as implants and artificial organs.

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Researchers are designing a digital local currency for Helsinki

23. March 2018

Aalto University researcher Maria Joutsenvirta and Professor Pekka Nikander want to harness digital currencies as an instrument of welfare.

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Ceremony week in June culminates in Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology

22. March 2018

Celebrations for all Aalto University graduates will be held during the University's Ceremony Week.

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Professor Otto Toivanen and Professor Hannu Vartiainen to lead Helsinki Graduate School of Economics

22. March 2018

The Governing Board of Helsinki GSE has selected Professor Toivanen to be Academic Director and Professor Vartiainen to be Academic Deputy Director.

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Aalto University's operations developed favourably in 2017

22. March 2018

The innovation ecosystem evolving on the campus received wide international recognition.


Nature provides the means for the sustainable management of floods

22. March 2018

World Water Day is held on 22 March. This year's theme is "Nature for water", which highlights how natural methods can be used in curbing flooding, droughts and water pollution.

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Professor Tuula Tuhkanen awarded grant by Tapani Järvinen Environmental Technology Fund

20. March 2018

Tuhkanen has researched the development of environmental analytics and technology and its use for solving practical problems.

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Pressing a button is more challenging than appears - A new theory improves button designs

20. March 2018

Pressing a button appears easy, but the brain needs a probabilistic internal model to control a press.

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Two student films awarded at Tampere Film Festival

19. March 2018

Hannu-Pekka Peltomaa and Sanni Priha were honored at the 2017 Tampere Film Festival.

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A recent report: Mass personalisation of health care services would improve the social welfare and health care reform

16. March 2018

The G3 research project examined how health services could respond to customers' needs individually.

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GE Healthcare donates anaesthesia machines

15. March 2018

Aalto students can get acquainted with health technology devices used in hospitals as a part of their studies


New quantum spin liquid predicted by Nobel Laureate prepared for the first time

14. March 2018

This achievement is an important step towards building so-called topological quantum computers.

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New measurement methods recognise pollutants in indoor air before they cause problems

14. March 2018

Solving indoor air problems is detective work that requires good instruments for investigating the causes and sources of problems.

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Väre student art competition and public art invitational announced

14. March 2018

The new building for Aalto University's School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Väre, will be completed soon.

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New ideas for developing teaching and learning by A!OLE project

13. March 2018

The next idea proposal call ends on 23 March.

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Aalto University seeking to make Finland a model country for energy storage solutions

13. March 2018

Through partnerships and cooperative projects, solutions are being sought to the challenges of energy storage.

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Väre student art competition and public art invitational announced

13. March 2018

Aalto University announced two public art competitions: an invited art competition for two cluster spaces inside Väre and for a student art work competition for a wall outside the Väre building.

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Finland pioneers health technology by making use of artificial intelligence

12. March 2018

AI and its societal impact were discussed at the alumni seminar on Women's Day.

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The technology sector is more versatile than girls in middle school had thought

9. March 2018

A strong basic degree as well as language and communication skills are central in working life.

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The second Brain Twitter Conference kicks off 8 March: non-stop neuroscience for 16 hours

7. March 2018

The keynote topics include the social brain and emotions' effect on speech production.

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AI application for treatment of gestational diabetes

7. March 2018

AI allows individualized predictions for expectant mothers and newborn children. The aim of the individual recommendations is a positive experience for the user combined with activity that is beneficial for the glucose level.

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Rid of routine coding – AI automates the construction of large information systems

6. March 2018

A new technology under development will bring down development costs so much that complex systems can be built from scratch.

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Social support improves the results of online courses

6. March 2018

Despite the results, researchers don't recommend using friends as learning support. This kind of support from friends can lead to superficial learning and prevent the development of skills.

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