Aalto University Properties Ltd divests Arkadiankatu 24 property

4. October 2017

Aalto University divests the property, but leases the premises until July 2019.


Learning business competence online – Aalto involved in cooperation between universities

3. October 2017

Online business studies offer business knowledge to other than business students anywhere, any time.


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  • LITO

Winner of the Finlandia Prize for Architecture supports new ways of learning

2. October 2017

Learning is fun in the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, designed by Alvar Aalto.


Aalto University nominated as a Nokia Bell Labs Distinguished Academic Partner

2. October 2017

Cooperation strengthens in augmented intelligence and quantum technologies research.


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  • bell_labs
  • nokia

Kick scooters available to speed up getting around on campus

29. September 2017

The foldable scooters can be brought on the bus and even indoors, and their availability can be checked conveniently by phone.

Campus Cooperation

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Spectral library reveals how boreal trees reflect solar radiation

28. September 2017

An internationally significant spectral library helps in the interpretation of satellite images and in the assessment of the effects of forests on climate.

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Heidi Karjalainen is the Young Designer of the Year 2017

27. September 2017

MA fashion student Heidi Karjalainen won the prize of the Young Designer of the Year. Her design of the Finnish folk costume combines traditional men's pinstripe with women's formal party wear.

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Prince Michael of Kent visits Aalto

26. September 2017

The royal guest familiarised himself with the creations of fashion students and entrepreneurship.


Immersive tour into Rembrandt’s painting from 1632

25. September 2017

Interactive diorama, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp is a virtual reality simulation, that takes a visitor deep into a painting by Rembrandt from 1632. It allows an immersive exploration in a space beyond the 2D surface.


Helsinki Challenge incubates big ideas

25. September 2017

Finalist teams develop their solutions with experts in the Global Impact Camp in Brussels.


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Assembly of nanoparticles proceeds like a zipper

22. September 2017

Aalto scientists demonstrated that viruses and nanoparticles can be assembled into processable superlattice wires.

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Organisational change of Aalto University Learning Centre planned

21. September 2017

All current employees will be offered work in the new organisation.


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Extensive research project advances the use of artificial intelligence in B2B content marketing

21. September 2017

The Tekes funded cross-disciplinary project utilizes big data of partner companies.

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Aaltoes organising Europe’s largest design hackathon

20. September 2017

Dash raises design thinking and multidisciplinarity into the limelight of the hackathon.


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Digitalization facilitates cross-cultural encounters in health care

19. September 2017

Aalto University researchers and students develop a new app for cross-cultural education targeted for health care professionals.

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Helsinki Graduate School of Economics to increase the number of top experts on economics in Finland

19. September 2017

Aalto, Hanken and University of Helsinki are preparing a new graduate school and research unit.

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During their 50 years together ”Polin Kemistit 67” have seen the transformation of the chemical industry

18. September 2017

A book with stories and photos of the group’s study time and working life was published on 13 September.

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Revealing the cause for high air content in concrete

15. September 2017

A study carried out in Aalto University showed that the effectiveness of the mixing process has a great significance when newer plasticizing additives are used.

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The economy grows on ideas and education

14. September 2017

Most ideas are generated by knowledge intensive service sectors, says Professor Matti Pohjola.


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Anssi Pulkkinen’s ruins installation in Habitare

13. September 2017

The Habitare Fair shows sculptor Anssi Pulkkinen’s installation of a ruined Syrian home, Street View (Reassembled), in the Fair Center on 13-17 September.

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How can design benefit business and strategy?

13. September 2017

‘Heavy metal’ summer project explored design as a strategic tool in technology driven companies.

Studies Cooperation

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European conference in machine learning and data mining gathers a record number of participants

13. September 2017

Aalto University researchers have been involved in both chairing and participating in the program committees.

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Renewable energy is crucial for the generations to follow

13. September 2017

Fossil energy resources are limited and the overconsumption of the non-renewable resources creates great environmental challenges, says Yongdan Li, Professor of Industrial Chemistry.

Science and art

Full house of industry representatives and researchers at Al Goes Industry event

13. September 2017

Finland has every possibility to be a leader in artificial intelligence.

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Suomi 100 satellite on display in the Space Truck in Otaniemi 15 September

13. September 2017

The third satellite built at Aalto University will be launched into space in December.

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