Marine technology teachers honoured with Aalto Education Impact Award 2018

5. September 2018

The FITech students have been able to apply their expertise to a new field of engineering and create unique concepts.


President Ilkka Niemelä: ‘We are ready to take on the challenge of lifelong learning’

5. September 2018

At the opening of the academic year, also the new Väre building was opened at the heart of the campus.


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According to Homecoming Day, continuous learning will be expected from business school graduates in the future

5. September 2018

Alumni populated the main building of the School of Business in Töölö for the last time.


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Wristband developed in Protocamp course may prevent cot death by monitoring a child's vital functions

5. September 2018

The students were able to carry out assignments for companies in the summer course.

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Väre’s public art collection examines equality

4. September 2018

Collection was published with “Global Equality” as its art concept.

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Special prize to the Aalto KitSat training satellite in The World Challenge Finland 2018 Competition

31. August 2018

Global service for preventing wildfires won the main prize at the UN's international innovation contest in Espoo.

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Ahti Salo is the Espoo Ambassador of 2018

30. August 2018

Professor of systems analysis Ahti Salo and his research group have introduced mathematical models to help evaluate cyber security risks, among others

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French President Emmanuel Macron visited Aalto University

30. August 2018

He was introduced to student-driven entrepreneurship, research innovations and research-based companies.


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A record-breaking year for the summer accelerator

30. August 2018

The student-led Kiuas Accelerator programme was organised for the ninth time. This year, the number of applications was higher than ever before.


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Shopping centre A Bloc opens and brings in new services

30. August 2018

New restaurants, cafes, shops and other services transform Otaniemi’s service offering.

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Nearly half of residents in housing companies would like to acquire solar panels – spreading requires legislative amendment

29. August 2018

Gaps in legislation are preventing the adoption of solar PV in Finnish housing companies.

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Aalto students win awards

29. August 2018

Our students of fashion, film and design have been internationally victorious during the summer.


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Bodily sensations give rise to conscious feelings

29. August 2018

A Finnish research group from the University of Turku, University of Tampere and Aalto University has mapped the organisation of human conscious feelings and found them to cluster into five major categories: positive emotions, negative emotions, cognitive functions, somatic states, and illnesses.

Science and art

Carbon in colour: First-ever coloured thin films of nanotubes created

28. August 2018

Researchers present a technique to produce large quantities of pristine single-walled carbon nanotubes in select shades of the rainbow. The secret is a fine-tuned fabrication process—and a small dose of CO2.

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Aalto University endowment portfolio returned -0.7% in the first half of 2018

27. August 2018

The purpose of the endowment and its long-term strategy is to generate additional funding for top quality research and education.

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Towards high-quality science education for all

24. August 2018

European-wide research project aims at fostering science learning outside the classroom.


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What happens when you mix cellulose with wool or rice straw? CHEMARTS students spent the summer finding out

24. August 2018

Students in this year’s CHEMARTS summer school have spent three months in the lab learning how to use biomaterials in fresh ways.

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Aalto University and VTT launch a major innovation ecosystem aimed at doubling the value of forest industry

24. August 2018

Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland signed a collaboration agreement on the CERES flagship programme.

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Aalto University’s new building open to the public in September

22. August 2018

Väre gathers all departments of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture under one roof.

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Satellite data help reveal the loss of tropical rainforests

22. August 2018

A recent study piloted a new monitoring method that could help in detecting illegal deforestation and estimating CO2 emissions caused by forest loss.

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Top tools for artificial intelligence and IT are presented to hundreds of conference visitors at Aalto University in August

22. August 2018

The tools have been used to improve the safety of drug tests for children, and to understand the cosmos through galaxy clusters.

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A summer job at the University is independent and flexible, but requires a lot of initiative

20. August 2018

The School of Electrical Engineering annually hires tens of students for a range of summer jobs.

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Password managers vulnerable to insider hacking

15. August 2018

Communication channels between different parts and pieces of computer software are prone to security breaches. Anyone with access to a shared computer can attack or involuntarily subject it to security breaches.

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Aalto's Computer Science lands 72nd place in NTU ranking

14. August 2018

Several engineering subjects also rank among the world's top 150.


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From industrial wasteland to urban oasis with the help of art

9. August 2018

Aalto University's partnership with Flow festival gives the visitors numerous art and cultural experiences.


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