Systems researcher makes life easier

28. July 2016

Thanks to Professor Yu Xiao and her colleagues, getting lost at airports and shopping centres may soon be history.

Science and art

Researchers printed energy producing photographs

26. July 2016

With the method developed in Aalto University, any picture or text could be inkjet-printed as a solar cell.

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  • Renewable

Aalto students take second place in innovation competition

22. July 2016

A multidisciplinary team impress representatives of a global enterprise with their HVAC solution.


Aalto-2 satellite is ready for space

14. July 2016

The design and construction of the satellite have utilised technology and experience from Aalto-1.

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Restaurant Day turns the logic of retail successfully on its head

11. July 2016

Retail is not only economic exchange, but also an important part of social interaction.

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New record in microwave detection

8. July 2016

Aalto University researchers have broken the world record by fourteen fold in the energy resolution of thermal photodetection.

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Team Aalto entered second place in international IEEE student design competition

4. July 2016

The winners of the competition were chosen on the basis of an article, a video and the presentation held in conference.


Baker's yeast to help in fight against blue-green algal toxins

1. July 2016

A team of students from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki will take part in the iGEM competition a world-wide, synthetic biology event.

Studies Science and art Cooperation

  • iGEM
  • sustainability

9 606 applicants to Aalto in the joint application process

1. July 2016

The results of the joint applications to higher education have been published in the Studyinfo service.


  • Applications

Surgify technology to make cranial surgery safer and faster

29. June 2016

An innovation refined at Aalto may aid physicians and patients in just over a year.

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  • healthcapitalhelsinki

Skype data of 500 million people reveals the real patterns of social adoption

29. June 2016

Global patterns of adoption spreading are induced by local adoption cascades.

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It isn’t worth making compromises when recruiting for growth businesses

28. June 2016

The team game builds success, growth and business culture.


  • efima
  • startup
  • Aalto_Start-Up_Center
  • entrepreneurship

Researchers implemented a prototype for Narrowband Internet-of-Things system

28. June 2016

This is among the first standalonemode NB-IoT, Narrowband Internet-of-Things, implementations in the world.

Science and art

  • NB_IoT
  • internet_of_things
  • IoT

Researchers discover attacks against widely used cryptographic libraries

23. June 2016

The researchers fixed the vulnerability by editing the code in a way that the attacker cannot learn the secret key of the victim.

Science and art Press releases

Saija Hollmén appointed Vice Dean at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

22. June 2016

Ms Hollmén’ area of responsibility is art and creative practices.

Science and art

Acoustics researcher finds explanation for auroral sounds

22. June 2016

Sounds are born when charges in the lower atmosphere’s temperature inversion layer discharge as a result of geomagnetic storms.

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Electrical engineering and automation professorship named Walter Ahlström professorship

22. June 2016

Professor Matti Lehtonen will hold the professorship.


Päivi Törmä appointed Academy Professor

22. June 2016

The results of Törmä’s work are expected to pave the way to the development of room temperature superconductors.

Science and art

New M.Sc. programme in Global Management established

21. June 2016

The new M.Sc. programme is built around the prestigious CEMS MIM studies.

Studies Cooperation

Environmental drainage channel decreases amount of substances transported to the water system

20. June 2016

Land drainage, the morphological status of channels and the quality of water can be improved with compound channels.

Science and art

  • drainage
  • water
  • sustainability

New surface makes oil contamination remove itself

17. June 2016

Researchers of Aalto University have developed surfaces where oil transports itself to desired directions.

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Team Aalto nabs spot in international IEEE student design competition semi-final

17. June 2016

Student teams from the School of Electrical Engineering have fared extremely well in the annual competition.


Interested in C Programming? - register now for our online course

17. June 2016

If you have yet to make summer plans, you now have the opportunity to study coding skills in an online course in C Programming.


New policy ideas by students for a sustainable and circular economy

17. June 2016

Students in Aalto University's Design for Government course address complex public sector and government challenges.

Studies Cooperation Science and art

  • service_economy
  • design_for_government
  • public_sector
  • platform_economy
  • design_thinking
  • sustainability
  • service_design
  • design

The many possibilities of the digital revolution

17. June 2016

The Internet Forum, a public lecture series, which is open to everyone free-of-charge, will focus on current topics related to digitalisation.

Science and art

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