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New business from nanosatellites

28. August 2015

Space technology needs top skills and knowledge, and Finland has good possibilities to carve out its own special area in this.


The future townhouse can accommodate one, two or a group of people

27. August 2015

The multi-storey type of dwelling offers urban living in a small building and new opportunities for residential living in different life situations.


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Better bureaucracy through design

26. August 2015

Service design can ease the stress of red tape and provide assistance via a single service point.

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From car owner to traffic services user

26. August 2015

With future transportation services personal ownership of a vehicle becomes unnecessary.


The virtual world makes self-development possible

25. August 2015

According to a doctoral dissertation, using virtual worlds for learning and self-development require a new understanding of people.


It all starts here!

25. August 2015

Construction of the industrial internet campus begins at Aalto University.

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Bruce Oreck to teach at Aalto University

25. August 2015

Oreck will coach students in marketing, developing customer experience, and storytelling.

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The world's strongest material is created in Otaniemi

21. August 2015

Investment in equipment is speeding up the research and industrial application of graphene.


Enjoyment motivates people to participate in the sharing economy

21. August 2015

Sustainability and enjoyment are at least as important as economic benefits for participating in the sharing economy.


Aalto continues as an HR Excellence in Research organisation

21. August 2015

University’s academic faculty HR practices conform to EU’s quality specifications.


Alex Jung appointed Assistant Professor in Machine Learning

20. August 2015

Dr. techn. Alex Jung has been appointed Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Department as of August 1, 2015 for a five year period.


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Endowment portfolio returns 5.5% in the first half of 2015

18. August 2015

The purpose of the Aalto University endowment is to generate additional funding for world-class research and education.


Ice researcher will live one year in a Mars-simulation

17. August 2015

Christiane Heinicke and five other researchers are to spend one year in a research station that mimics the conditions on the planet Mars.


Six metre zither installation to rise in Nevada desert

14. August 2015

Aalto is to be the first university to build its own work of art at the Burning Man event, which is known for its creative insanity.

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The journey of the comet "Chury" tracked by the European Rosetta probe will come to a climax on 13th August

12. August 2015

The comet's tail will be at its longest and erosion at its strongest when the probe arrives tomorrow to its closest distance to the Sun.


Good urban planning supports children's mobility

11. August 2015

With good urban planning, it is possible to encourage children's active transportation and independent mobility such as walking and cycling.


Neurotechnology can benefit millions

11. August 2015

Brain stimulation technology with its roots in Otaniemi is used as an aid in neurosurgery all over the world.


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Aalto researchers aim to enrich the online news consumption after quantifying the controversies

10. August 2015

The research focused on Twitter, but the methodology is applicable to other social media platforms as well.


Aalto-1 reaching great heights

7. August 2015

The flight model of the nanosatellite is being assembled piece by piece with help of a well-written guidebook.

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Open-mindedness guides the new Centre for Quantum Engineering

5. August 2015

The newly founded Centre for Quantum Engineering at Aalto University aims to bring science to everyday use as commercial products and applications.


Finnish electric car owners don't even need a wallet

4. August 2015

The charging business that utilises research done at Aalto University also attracts interest elsewhere in Europe.

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Nanostructures can now be '3D printed’ using DNA

23. July 2015

Three-dimensional nano-sized structures obtained from DNA using a new design method


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Researchers demonstrated the first realization of invisible absorbers and sensors

20. July 2015

Absorbers are completely transparent at non-operational frequencies.


Scientists reveal “woodquakes”

17. July 2015

Wood and its response to stress or strain has been less known at a fundamental level – until now.


"Six research routes to steer transport policy", a research article published in Nature

10. July 2015

Transport research is central to twenty-first-century global challenges that include energy provision, climate change and health.

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