Ten new Honorary Doctorates in Technology to be conferred at Aalto University

23.04.2014 The Aalto University schools of technology will confer honorary doctorates on ten eminent persons in the fields of science, technology and society.

Aalto University to begin statutory employer-employee negotiations covering its service functions

16.04.2014 Aalto University is to begin statutory employer-employee negotiations aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the university's support services and ensuring that they provide better support for the needs of researchers, teachers, and students in the future.

Nanocrystalline cellulose modified into an efficient viral inhibitor

15.04.2014 Researchers have succeeded in creating a surface on nano-sized cellulose crystals that imitates a biological structure. The surface adsorbs viruses and disables them. The results can prove useful in the development of antiviral ointments and surfaces, for instance.

By means of a catalyst, cellulose can be bleached in seconds

14.04.2014 An Aalto University invention accelerates the bleaching process of cellulose pulps and reduces the quantity of chemicals needed therein.

Nobel prize candidates wait often over 20 years to win their prize

11.04.2014 Candidates for a Nobel prize often have to wait more than 20 years to receive this highest of scientific accolades.

The excellent selection of Stuart Parkin for Millennium Technology Prize

09.04.2014 The innovation, which increased the storage capacity of hard discs 1000-fold, is just one example of the possibilities of spintronics.

Physicist Stuart Parkin wins 2014 Millennium Technology Prize

09.04.2014 Technology Academy Finland (TAF) has today declared innovator Prof. Stuart Parkin as winner of the 2014 Millennium Technology Prize, the prominent award for technological innovation.

Game researchers develop an augmented climbing wall

09.04.2014 Graphics reflected on the wall guide the climber in the choice of route, and body movements are registered by computer vision.

How should needs of residents be considered in housing production?

08.04.2014 In the planning and construction of housing, new ways are needed to benefit from the requirements, values and experiences of residents.

Markku Kaustia has been appointed to professorship at the Aalto University School of Business

08.04.2014 Markku Kaustia, D.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.), has been appointed Full Professor to the Department of Finance at the School of Business, starting 1 March 2014.

Finnish and Swiss Presidents visit Aalto

07.04.2014 President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö and First Lady Jenni Haukio together with university management welcomed President of the Swiss Confederation to Aalto.

Environmentally friendly solid wood chairs going to Milan Furniture Fair

04.04.2014 Ecological considerations, which are among the guiding principles in the process of furniture design, are among the characteristics written into good design.

Neurofinance study confirms that financial decisions are made on an emotional basis

04.04.2014 The willingness of decision makers to take risks increases when they play games of chance with money won earlier.

EUNIS Conference to discuss the future of learning

03.04.2014 On 3–5 April, the rectors of European universities and institutions of higher education will meet in Finland to discuss the future trends of higher education.

Global development financing experts to meet in Finland

01.04.2014 Experts of sustainable development and financing will gather in Aalto University on 3-4 April.

Movies synchronize brains

31.03.2014 When we watch a movie, our brains react to it immediately in a way similar to other people's brains.

How are Aalto University’s brain researchers guessing what we see?

31.03.2014 The venture ties together the long traditions Aalto University has in both neuroimaging research and computational science with neuroscience, psychology, economics and film studies.

President Tuula Teeri to enter a period of sabbatical leave in April

27.03.2014 At the start of her next five-year term, President Teeri is on a sabbatical to map out the future vision of Aalto University.

Increasing the capital of universities is an investment in the future

26.03.2014 From the university viewpoint, Aalto University considers that the Government’s agreement on the budgetary framework is a responsible decision that ensures Finland a more secure future.

Design research helps develop more useful mobile services

26.03.2014 Studying real life makes it possible to design more innovative mobile applications which can be of concrete benefit to people in their daily lives.

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