Nanofiber scaffolds demonstrate new features in the behaviour of stem and cancer cells

22. August 2016

A discovery in the field of biomaterials may open new frontiers in stem and cancer cell manipulation and associated advanced therapy development.

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Degree Programme in Fashion at Aalto University ranked third best in the world

22. August 2016

The Business of Fashion ranking is based on global influence, learning experiences and the long-term value provided by the education.

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In Metsähovi space is at the end of the radio telescope

19. August 2016

Finland’s only radio-astronomical observatory opens its doors to the public on Sunday, 28 August.

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New book: how and when to grasp the opportunities of Industrial Internet

19. August 2016

Adjunct Professor Jari Collin and journalist Ari Saarelainen guide companies on how to tap the opportunities of Industrial Internet.


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The Scientists in Schools programme takes Aalto researchers to classes

18. August 2016

LUMA Centre Aalto offers scientist visits to primary and secondary schools and to high schools.

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Very interesting business projects carried out in the ITP minor programme

18. August 2016

Summer of 2016: 72 students, 17 business projects and 21 years of multidisciplinarity.


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Digital calculator provides the estimated risk for GIST recurrence

17. August 2016

The calculator is based on a risk analysis model published in 2012 by Aalto University and HUCH Cancer Center.


New students – welcome to Aalto!

17. August 2016

More than 1 500 new Bachelor’s students and 1 000 Master's students begin their studies in technology, business, and the arts this autumn.


Olli V. Lounasmaa Memorial Prize 2016 awarded to Michel Devoret

16. August 2016

Professor Michel Devoret received the prize for his pioneering investigations and applications of macroscopic quantum phenomena at low temperatures.

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2 million euros to Aalto University from the Land and Water Technology Foundation

16. August 2016

The donation will enhance doctoral education in water engineering and develop a new model for cooperation.

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Aalto University successful in engineering subjects in ShanghaiRanking

15. August 2016

Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering made it to the top 75 in the global ranking.

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Summer of Startups brings heat to new businesses

15. August 2016

The Aaltoes accelerator programme provides startups with an opportunity to try their hand at full-time entrepreneurship over the summer.


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Upper secondary school and university learn together

12. August 2016

A school solution innovated at Aalto University will bring upper secondary school to Otaniemi campus.

Campus Studies Press releases

Students created product prototypes in a summer course

12. August 2016

The focus was on projects combining programming with the physical world.


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Aalto University endowment portfolio returned 0.5% in the first half of 2016

11. August 2016

The purpose of the Aalto University endowment is to generate additional funding for top quality research and education.

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TMS revealed differences between brain activity of people who dream and people who do not dream

9. August 2016

Assessment of consciousness may help in treatment of brain injury patients.

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Systems researcher makes life easier

28. July 2016

Thanks to Professor Yu Xiao and her colleagues, getting lost at airports and shopping centres may soon be history.

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Researchers printed energy producing photographs

26. July 2016

With the method developed in Aalto University, any picture or text could be inkjet-printed as a solar cell.

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Aalto students take second place in innovation competition

22. July 2016

A multidisciplinary team impress representatives of a global enterprise with their HVAC solution.


Aalto-2 satellite is ready for space

14. July 2016

The design and construction of the satellite have utilised technology and experience from Aalto-1.

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Restaurant Day turns the logic of retail successfully on its head

11. July 2016

Retail is not only economic exchange, but also an important part of social interaction.

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New record in microwave detection

8. July 2016

Aalto University researchers have broken the world record by fourteen fold in the energy resolution of thermal photodetection.

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Team Aalto entered second place in international IEEE student design competition

4. July 2016

The winners of the competition were chosen on the basis of an article, a video and the presentation held in conference.


Danske Bank becomes Premium Partner of School of Business

1. July 2016

The collaboration focuses on digitalisation and internationalisation and aims at creating a closer relationship with students.

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Baker's yeast to help in fight against blue-green algal toxins

1. July 2016

A team of students from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki will take part in the iGEM competition a world-wide, synthetic biology event.

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