Aalto University is home to top-quality innovation and enterprise activities

29.07.2014 In a recent MIT study of the world's leading 200 universities, Aalto University was grouped among the five rising stars.

Internet Society to measure and display quality of connections with Netradar app

18.07.2014 The Internet Society and Aalto are launching a collaboration to measure the diversity of Internet access around the world.

Recent study sheds new light on second language learning in adulthood

10.07.2014 A recent study shows that assimilation of L2 vowels to L1 phonemes governs language learning in adulthood; researchers urge development of novel methods of second language teaching.

Slow capability development prevents strategic change

09.07.2014 A doctoral dissertation by D.Sc. (Econ.) Paula Kilpinen has been awarded a prize by The Finnish Foundation for the Advancement of Foreign Trade.

Change scent with a touch of a button

03.07.2014 Imagine if you were able to change the scent at your home just by pressing a button on a remote control.

Aalto University welcomes 1661 new students

02.07.2014 15,7 % of applicants managed to secure a place at Aalto University.

Aalto EE launches education portfolio for entrepreneurs

27.06.2014 Aalto University Executive Education Ltd is expanding its service offering.

Special recognitions to Aalto researchers

26.06.2014 The World Cultural Council, WCC, has granted six special recognitions to researchers from Aalto University.

Mutual understanding is associated with increased synchrony of brains

26.06.2014 Researchers at Aalto University have revealed that similar brain activity may underlie shared understanding of environment.

Significant levels of funding from the Academy of Finland

24.06.2014 Aalto University was granted research funding worth over EUR 20 million.

Admission results for bachelor’s programmes in the field of Art and Design released

19.06.2014 Majors in Graphic Design, Art Education and Interior Architecture received the most applications.

Riku Asikainen nominated Alumni of the Year 2014

19.06.2014 M.Sc. (Econ.) Riku Asikainen is awarded at the Homecoming Day alumni event in August.

Brain research runs smoothly as tango

19.06.2014 Hippocampus exposes the memory-boosting power of music.

Aalto University concludes its statutory employer-employee negotiations

16.06.2014 The statutory employer-employee negotiations initiated at Aalto University on 25 April have now been concluded.

Innovative working environment developed for School of Arts, Design and Architecture

13.06.2014 The new building represents a massive opportunity for reinvention and renewal.

Security expert Jarno Limnéll selected as Professor of Practice at Aalto University

12.06.2014 Jarno Limnéll, Doctor of Military Science has been appointed as Professor of Practice of Cyber Security at Aalto University.

EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou visits Aalto

12.06.2014 The EU’s Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou, visited Aalto University 12 June.

One phone, many connections

12.06.2014 Future technologies may revolutionize the usage of mobile services

The World Cultural Council granted scientific awards

10.06.2014 Academic Summit in Aalto University in November.

Suburban residents get inspired by collaborative efforts

10.06.2014 Planning work based on the needs of residents and collaboration with professionals is being instigated in order to develop suburbs.

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