Magazine that is trusted, according to a readership survey

A readership survey examined the readers' views on Aalto University Magazine, a magazine for Aalto's interest group.

The survey, the second one so far, was carried out by Taloustutkimus in October-November. The first readership survey took place in 2012. Now the focus was on issue 14, the theme of which is health technology. The number of printed copies was 31,000.

According to the survey, reading of the magazine corresponds to the reading of a trade magazine or a journal for stakeholders. The magazine is remembered very well, in fact better than before: of the respondents, 87% recalls having received the magazine.

An average of 22 minutes is used for reading the magazine, which is a good result among interest group magazines in general.

According to the readers, the primary tasks of the magazine are to open Aalto University (30% of the respondents) to a wider view and tell about new research results (27%). Also building a sense of community for Aalto University and informing about the university's influence were seen as important tasks.

The articles of the paper are regarded as well-informed and the contents as trustable (77–78%). More stories are desired about the university's research results and about socially topical issues.

Of those who have read or browsed the magazine, 38% regards it useful. It is seen as completely useless by 8% of the respondents, which is considerably less than in 2012 (19%). The magazine is considered as useful because it keeps the reader up-to-date with Aalto University, tells about the research and projects and provides new information. The bilingualism of the magazine functions quite well, according to the survey.

It seems the readers still value printed matter: more than a half of them told they would like to read the magazine in its printed form, and 31% wanted to read it both in a printed and in a digital form. Only 10% of the respondents wanted to read it in its digital form only. The printed form of the magazine was valued higher than in 2012.

Over 400 respondents to the survey

The data collection for the survey was carried out through an online questionnaire mainly in Finnish. It was possible to briefly answer the questions also in English.

The primary target group was the alumni, the Magazine's biggest sector, of whom altogether 4,900 were included in the random sample. The questionnaire was answered by 453 persons, the target having been 300 respondents. The main part of the respondents was formed by males (70%) and HUT's alumni (60%).

The respondents' age distribution was even: from 30-year-olds to 60-year-olds. The major part of the respondents (72%) were employed and work in expert or management tasks (65%).

A raffle was organised for those participating in the survey, and the prices have been delivered to the winners.

The Communications Services thanks all the survey participants for their valuable feedback. The results of the readership survey will be utilised in the magazine's development.

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