Shared Testbed to Strengthen Research at the Leading Universities


CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd, Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Aalto University, and Tampere Region Exchange (TREX) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Internet Testbed Finland, a service that will enable more efficient Internet research collaboration and shared use of Internet networks and services.

To ensure continuity of the Internet testbed services created in the Future Internet research programme of TIVIT Oy, the most active members of its testbed working group have founded a consortium called Internet Testbed Finland. The consortium will integrate its research network services under a common operating model to increase efficiency in the provision, use, maintenance, and marketing of services for different research collaboration partners.

Internet Testbed Finland is an open consortium, in which organizations can join and offer their research network services. Hence, in addition to universities and higher education institutions, also enterprises can become members. Openness should improve and boost cooperation between companies and institutions of research and education, and help to provide the collaborating businesses with research network services that are currently unavailable from commercial operators.

Internet Testbed Finland provides the platform and ready-for-use cooperation models that facilitate building new research environments and services. The concept covers the layers and services needed for Internet research, ranging from optical fibers to integrated services, as well as technologies, practices, and agreements concerning user identification.

The research networks and the services involved in the testbed activities can be flexibly connected across organizational boundaries. The cooperation makes research more efficient, since researchers do not need to build new test environments of their own but instead, they can utilize the existing testbed platform and its services. The consortium will strengthen Internet-based research programmes, because instead of having to develop new testbeds, it is possible to use a sustainable, shared, and inter-operable testbed that allows flexible extension depending on research needs. Similarly, participants can freely integrate services that have been developed by other service providers.

The consortium members can benefit from the network services provided by their collaboration partners in their own research activities. Internet Testbed Finland will reduce the need for overlapping infrastructure and act as a collaboration forum for further development of test network activities, while also improving possibilities for national and international research collaboration.

Additional information

Harri Kuusisto, CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd
+358 50 3819 800
harri.kuusisto [at] csc [dot] fi

Aleksi Suhonen, TREX Tampere Region Exchange Oy
+358 4567 02048, aleksi.suhonen [at] trex [dot] fi

Jarmo Harju, Tampere University of Technology
+358 40 8433 192
jarmo.harju [at] tut [dot] fi

Markus Peuhkuri, Aalto University
Markus.Peuhkuri [at] aalto [dot] fi