For corporations and communities

Aalto University is dedicated to high-standard research and education with the aim of promoting well-being and quality of life. As our partner, corporations and communities will have an opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a new working culture and to that of a unique concentration of research, development and innovation.


Forms of cooperation

The mission of the universities is to promote independent academic research as well as academic and artistic education, to provide research-based higher education and to educate students to serve their country and humanity at large. In carrying out their mission, the universities shall promote lifelong learning, interact with the surrounding society and promote the social impact of university research findings and artistic activities. (Universities Act, 2§)

Aalto University offers companies and communities cooperation opportunities in all areas of activity. Cooperation often starts in the form of a single project, but can evolve into a long-term strategic partnership. We also encourage SMEs to take part in cooperation.

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Teaching Cooperation

Teaching cooperation gives companies visibility among students and, at the same time, allows them to develop their employer brand in the desired direction. From the perspective of the university, the involvement of companies in teaching and finding solutions to genuine working life challenges as part of studies increases the meaningfulness of learning and improves the motivation of students. Different forms of teaching cooperation at Aalto include visiting lectures and case work during courses, theses and student projects.

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Research Cooperation

Research cooperation with the university makes it possible for companies to keep abreast of the latest developments in science and technology. Additionally, research cooperation facilitates networking and interaction with the science community. Companies gain the best benefits from joint research carried out at the university when the research is long term and future-oriented in nature, meaning its costs and productivity risks would be great if the company carried out the research themselves. At Aalto cooperation opportunities in the area of research span from research projects and programmes to the long-term funding of researchers' work and infrastructure cooperation.

A variety of cooperation platforms have been built around Aalto University's key research areas. These platforms offer stakeholders the opportunity to engage in cooperation in broad-scoped research challenges, the societal meaning of which is great and the resolution of which is challenging.  

Employer Services

Career Services help companies and organizations to recruit and build their employer brand.

More information on our variety of services available on Recruit students -page (LINKKI).

Recruit Aalto students
Advertising your job opportunities is easy and free of charge through Aalto CareerWeb. You can post jobs, internship opportunities and thesis assignments. The job portal is only accessible for Aalto University students.

Reach Aalto students

Build your employer brand on campus and meet future talents by joining career and recruitment fairs. We organize several career and / or recruitment events annually, for instance ARENA and TalentIT Career Fairs.

You can come and meet the students by hosting your own stand in a lobby (of your choice) or an event in our facilities (lecture hall, etc.). Students appreciate hearing stories from working life from our alumni working for you.

We have several communication channels that you can use for marketing your career opportunies. For example targeted emails, Facebook postings and our Event Calendar.

Contact information for Career Services.



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