Hiring an intern

Aalto University offers more than 90 degree programmes leading to degrees in the fields of art, design and architecture, business, and technology .The six different schools are School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Business, School of Chemical Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering and School of Science.

Internship provides students and employers an excellent opportunity for development and sharing knowledge. Students can do an internship either independently or participate in internship programs offered by the schools.  In the independent internship the employer takes full responsibility for financing the internship, while in an internship programs the funding can be received from the schools.

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Why should we hire an intern from Aalto?

Aalto students are top students in their field, through which you will get the latest industry views and fresh new ideas. Aalto students are also motivated and hard-working employees, who value an internship during their studies which will enhance their expertise.

By offering internships you will also build your positive image as a possible future employer to graduating students.

Internship is a learning opportunity for the students, and students also want their tasks to be challenging in internships. Internship tasks should be such that students can take advantage of their study related knowledge and skills and to develop their professional skills and working life skills.

Hiring an intern

You can apply for an intern by leaving a job ad to Aalto CareerWeb; please find the instructions in advertising the job ad. We do not publish non-paid internships.

In Aalto University there are about 11 % graduate and postgraduate foreign degree students; you can also offer an internship for a student who doesn’t have fluent Finnish skills.

Supported internships in different Schools / fields in Aalto University

  • Supported internships in School of Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Supported Internships in the field of technology
  • Supported internships in School of Business


Supported internships in School of Arts, Design and Architecture

ARTS Supported Internship Programme enables a great working life experience for 40-50 ARTS students annually. An internship is a good way for a student to become acquainted with working life and gain work experience on one's field of studies as well as a good way for the employer to get fresh point of views from the student.

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS) Supported Internship Programme provides funding for the ARTS degree students for their internships in Finland. The programme is mainly aimed at BA students but MA students can apply as well. The programme offers financial support for the employer to employ an intern.

The application period is twice a year.  The first one begins in November for the internships starting between January and March on the following year.  The second application period begins in February for the internship starting at the earliest on the 1st of April or at the latest on 1st of December. The best time to look for an intern and leave the internship announcement is from October to November and in January.

For more info regarding the internship requirements for employers visit (arts.aalto.fi)

or contact ARTS Career Services
career-services [at] aalto [dot] fi

Supported internships in School of Business

Finnish state agencies and departments and other non-profit organizations have an opportunity to apply for financial support to hire a trainee.

Aalto University School of Business Foreign Student’s Internship Support Programme provides funding for foreign degree students of Aalto University School of Business for their internships in small companies in Finland. This programme is not available for Finnish nationals. 

Please read more on the School of Business website (biz.aalto.fi)

Supported Internships in the field of technology

Aalto University provides funding for internships in Finnish public sector. Most common employers are government agencies, ministries and municipalities.

Every year Career Services supports a certain amount of internships placements. The offered internship should always be connected to studies of the student so that it will help the student on future career path. In addition, we require that the employer pays part of the student’s salary.

For more information you can send email to training-tech [at] aalto [dot] fi (career-tech@aalto.fi) or contact Coordinator Susanna Saarinen by calling +358 50 381 6398.

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