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Meeting students face to face is one of the best ways to build a positive employer image and to convey the message as well as the present and future recruitment needs.

Meeting students face to face is one of the best ways to build a positive employer image and to convey the message as well as the present and future recruitment needs. At its best, the encounter supports strongly your recruiting process. Our students appreciate the employers' physical presence on campus and are interested in hearing about the career opportunities offered.

Meeting can occur in closed or more open events in the campus, in your facilities or anywhere you wish. We will help you in picking up the target audience, inviting students (direct mailing, event calendars, posters, etc.) and in booking the premises and catering. We also help you with brainstorming the content and form your event, and we will tell you the latest feedbacks and wishes from the students. You will find our service package for organizing events later on this page.

Services for Employers

The following services and service packages can be mixed to ensure the best target groups reach.

The Pricelist for Employer Services is also in downloadable pdf format.

Theme events and Fairs

In addition to employers’ own events we organize a variety of themed events each year, where several employers can meet with students at the same time.

Events at Campuses

Facing students face to face supports your recruiting processes. Your presence at the campus and bringing up the career opportunities and real every day working days grows your attractiveness as an employer.

Meeting the students at campus may be suitable for your organization if

  • you have a suitable vacancy for students
  • The Trainee program application period is about to start or running
  • you want to tell the students your future recruitment needs

Examples of events content

  • Careers opportunities
  • job search tips
  • career stories from our alumni
  • what is a typical day in your organization like
  • Work Culture
  • The company's in general (shortly)

We collect feedback from all events, and we will forward feedback to you, too. We use the feedback to improve our services and we will tell you the latest results when planning your event .

There are as many ways to meet students as there are employers. This is why we tailor our services to your needs. Here are a few examples of the different ways of meeting with students:

Meet the students in the lobby

You will encounter different groups of students in the lobby on their way to lectures, lunch, self-study facilities, etc. We promote your presence in your Event Calendar and we make the practical arrangements. Basic fee of EUR 700 + additional services.

Visibility on the campus (3 hours) from 700 €

  • basic fee 700 € (including space rent, basic fee of address search for targeted mailing, event advertising in Aalto CareerWeb’s and Into’s Event Calendars and in the Career Services Facebook wall, as well as the service representative when the event starts )
  • additional hours à 150 €
  • We recommend buildings according to your target audience wishes

Meet the students in Employer Event in other University’s rooms

Our school’s lecture halls rooms can be arranged in a wide variety of ways for events: lectures, workshops and cocktail parties. We help you design and implement your needs, and we take care of marketing (direct mailing, event calendars) to the desired student target group. Basic fee + EUR 800 + catering.

Event at Aalto University campus (3 hours) from 800 €

  • basic fee 800 € includes usage of premises and audio-visual equipment, basic fee of address search for targeted mailing, event, event advertising in Aalto CareerWeb’s and Into’s Event Calendars and in the Career Services Facebook wall, as well as the service representative during the event from start to finish
  • additional hours à 150 €

Invite students to your activities / premises

Is it easier to tell the students about your working culture and work itself in your premises? Do you want to introduce students to their possible future jobs’ atmosphere, facilities and staff? We invite the students (direct mailing, event calendars) and, when necessary, we will receive registrations. All the suitable services for marketing your event can be found from the Marketing Services.

How to proceed

Organizing an employer event begins with date and venue selection, picking up the target group and deciding who will represent your organization in the event. We take into account your schedules, the students' teaching schedule, other school events, student organizations’ events, exam weeks and holidays when suggesting the date and time.

Please contact us for more information!

Marketing Services

  • Direct mailing to students
  • an advertisement of an event in event calendars
  • Posting career related issues in the Aalto CareerWeb's News
  • Facebook Marketing
  • distribution of brochures / flyers / magazines in the university’s premises
  • NOTE: The distribution of posters on campuses only when using one of the services listed above

Direct Mailing for Aalto University students

Basic fee EUR 150
+ E-mail messages 2 euro / student or
+ traditional post 5 euro / student
+ a reminder e-mail message to the same target group 1 euro / student

Direct mailing is a targeted message to students of Aalto University sent via Career Services. Message can be sent to students via e-mail or traditional mail.

Direct mailing can be used to.

  • trainee program marketing ,
  • marketing your recruiting related events or
  • transmission of a single job posting (we recommend to do this only for a very limited target group).

Students who have given their permission to use their contact information for recruitment purposes, are included in mailings. When defining the target group we can use one or many of the following criteria: the study program, the starting year(s) of studies and / or the number of completed credits (range). The mailing reaches all of Aalto University and Hanken School of Economics (www.hanken.fi) students.

We can deliver the message within three working days after receiving the order confirmation.

Direct mailing, the basic fee (150 EUR ) will not be charged if the delivery is made for more than 500 students, mailings for ARENA and TalentIT fairs or on-campus events.

Marketing Your Event (100 €)

When you organize career and recruitment related events outside of Aalto University campuses for students, you have an opportunity to market it for the students in CareerWeb (and if you wish, in Into) in the Event Calendar. If you wish, we can also handle the enrollments to the event.

Facebook Marketing (100 €)

We offer employers an opportunity to market your job opportunities, career events or career stories of your employees on our Facebook page (Aalto University Career Services).

Contact us!

We would be happy to answer your questions and help make your event arrangements!

  • Arabia (Design and Arts): career-arts [at] aalto [dot] fi
  • Otaniemi (Technology): Riitta Kontio, Tel: +358 (0)50 550 2066 (firstname.lastname [at] aalto [dot] fi)
  • Töölö (Business), Annemari Rautio, tel: +358 (0)50 380 7398 or career-biz [at] aalto [dot] fi

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