Aalto-level collaboration

Aalto University offers versatile possibilities for collaboration to organizations and companies. For example, Aalto University and Technology Academy Finland cooperate in order to advance the technology and innovation research in the society.

City of Helsinki

The collaboration between Aalto University and the city of Helsinki aims to accelerate development of sustainable and urban innovations through multidisciplinary research, art and development collaboration. The cooperation bases on the academic research and design projects conducted at Aalto University and the current objectives for city development set by Helsinki.

The collaboration takes place on many different platforms. Most central platforms are Urban Academy, Health Capital Helsinki and Smart and Clean Helsinki.

City of Espoo

The city of Espoo and Aalto University agreed on deepening their collaboration in January 2012. The goal is to boost the creation work of societal innovations, open up new possibilities for businesses, support entrepreneurship and better enable multidisciplinary research work.

Building such network of collaboration between Aalto University, the city of Espoo and businesses is aimed to support the founding of new startups and to further develop the internationally attractive Innovation Garden area formed by Otaniemi, Keilaniemi and Tapiola.

Technology Academy Finland, TAF

Aalto University and TAF cooperate to help the progress of technology and innovation work in the society.

The Millennium Technology Award, granted by TAF, is one of the biggest science and technology awards in the world. It is awarded biennially. The Millennium Technology Award is a recognition from Finland to technological and scientific innovations that are capable of upgrading the quality of daily life of the people.

The recipient of the Millennium Technology Award will be chosen by the TAF board based on the recommendations by a renowned, international jury. Professor Päivi Törmä from Aalto University is the the Chair of the Selection Committee. The prize is always worth at least one million euros.

In 2016, the award was granted to American biochemist Frances Arnold.

The period for naming candidates ends by the end of July in the preceding year. Representatives of universities, research and other academic institutes and corporations world-wide can suggest a candidate for the award.

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