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Aalto students are top students in their field. In Finland it is common that in addition to summer jobs, students work during the academic year. Most students usually have part-time jobs especially during the first years, while many work fulltime during the last few years of studies. Moreover, students are looking for job opportunities to take on after they graduate already during their studies.

Aalto University Career Services helps employers to recruit future talents and build positive employer image among students.

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Recruit Aalto students through Aalto CareerWeb

Aalto CareerWeb is a portal where employers can advertise their job and internship opportunities as well as thesis positions. Only students at Aalto University have access to the portal. Placing an advert in Aalto CareerWeb is free of charge for employers.

Please review the Terms of publishing and guidelines for adverts before submitting your advert.

Post an advert for a job or an internship

CW_jobs_em_en.jpgWe publish job- and internship adverts that are suitable for Aalto University students. The job can be for example a:

  • summer job
  • part-time / full-time
  • fixed term / permanent
  • freelance assignment
  • thesis assignment
  • trainee- or graduate programme

We do not publish unpaid internship positions directed to business or technology students, unless the internship takes place abroad (needs to be mentioned in the title of the advert).

Aalto University's internship practices differ from campus to campus. Read more about Hiring an Intern.

Post an Advert: jobs or internships

Thesis assignments and projects

CW_offer_em_en.jpgYou can also advertise a thesis or project assignment for students in Aalto CareerWeb. Placing an advert is free of charge.

You can either promote a possiblity for a thesis assignment on a general level or provide a more detailed description of the assignment.

Offer an assignment for a thesis or a project

Find future talents through internships

Aalto students are top students in their field. Internship is an efficient channel of recruitment, through which employers will get valuable work contribution and information on the education at Aalto University. By hiring an intern, your organization will gain the latest industry views and fresh ideas. By offering internships, you will also build your positive image as a potential future employer to graduating students.

Internship is a learning opportunity for students, as it enables them to get to know various job tasks in their field under experts' supervision. It can also clarify the career planning process for students. Internship tasks should be such that students can utilize of their knowledge and skills gained through their studies, as well as develop their professional- and working life skills.

There are many foreign degree students at Aalto University, who are also looking for internship positions. Hiring a foreign student not only brings skills and competences, but also cultural knowledge of the student’s home country to your organization.

Recruit an intern by posting an advert.

Supported internships

Aalto University provides funding for internships carried out in the Finnish public sector and non-profit organizations in Finland. In addition, the School of Arts and Design supports their students’ internships in the private sector. We kindly request that adverts for these types of internships are submitted through Aarresaari portal by using the internship form. More details regarding supported internships based on study fields: career-arts [at] aalto [dot] fi (School of Arts, Design and Architecture), School of Business, career-tech [at] aalto [dot] fi (Schools in the field of technology).

Reach Aalto University students

At career fairs you can build and maintain your employer image while meeting future talents. We organize various events yearly, for example ARENA and TalentIT Career Fairs.

There are different ways to gain visibility among students. For instance, you can have a stand in the lobby or organize your own event in our facilities (a lecture hall, etc.). Our students appreciate employers' presence on campus and are interested in learning about the career opportunities offered as well as hearing about the career stories of Aalto alumni.

We will help you, when you wish to advertise career- or recruitment-related content to students. We have various communication channels for advertising, such as direct mailing to students, Facebook-posts, and our Event Calendar. 

Meeting students in person

Meeting students face-to-face is one way to build a positive employer image. At its best, the encounter strongly supports your recruiting processes. Your presence at the campus as well as sharing information about career opportunities you offer and daily work life enhances your attractiveness as an employer.

There are as many ways to meet students as there are employers. This is why we tailor our services to your needs. Organizing an employer event begins with selecting a date and a target group. When suggesting a suitable date and time, we take into account your schedule, the students' teaching schedule, other school events, student organizations’ events, exam weeks and holidays.

Meet students in the lobby

You will encounter different groups of students in the lobby on their way to lectures, lunch, self-study facilities, etc. We promote your presence in our Event Calendar and make the practical arrangements for you. Basic fee of EUR 700 + additional services.

Meet students in Employer Event in other University facilities

Our school’s lecture halls and other premises can be arranged in a wide variety of ways for events: lectures, workshops and cocktail parties. We help you design and implement your needs, and we take care of marketing (direct mailing, event calendars) to the desired student target group. Basic fee EUR 800 + direct mailing and catering.

Invite students to get to know your activities / premises

Is it easier to tell students about your working culture and work itself in your premises? Do you want to introduce students to their possible future employer's atmosphere, facilities and staff? We take care of inviting the desired students (direct mailing, event calendars) and, if necessary, we will handle the enrollment process. All the suitable services for marketing your event can be found from the Marketing Services -section.

Marketing Services

Our marketing services can be used for advertising your recruitment campaign (for example trainee programme or summer jobs) or event to our students. The services cannot be used for advertising single job adverts or adverts that do not align with Aalto CareerWeb's terms of publishing.

Direct Mailing for Aalto University students

Direct mailing is a targeted message to students of Aalto University sent via Career Services. Message can be sent to students via e-mail or traditional mail. When defining the target group we can use one or many of the following criteria: the study program, the starting year(s) of studies and / or the number of completed credits (range). The mailing reaches all of Aalto University and Hanken School of Economics ( students.

Basic fee EUR 150
+ e-mail message 2 euros / student or
+ traditional post 5 euros / student
+ a reminder e-mail message to the same target group 1 euro / student

Direct mailing basic fee (150 EUR) will not be charged, if the delivery is made for more than 500 students, mailings for ARENA and TalentIT fairs or employer events organized on campus.

Facebook Marketing

We offer employers an opportunity to market their job opportunities, career events or career stories of your employees on our Facebook page (Aalto University Career Services). The fee of a Facebook post is EUR 100.

Other Marketing in Aalto CareerWeb

The news -section in Aalto CareerWeb can also be used for marketing purposes. It can be used for advertising for all career- and recruitment-related things besides job adverts and events. Suitable content can be for example case competitions, employer image or career surveys, etc. The fee of a news posting is EUR 100.

Career Fairs

At Aalto we organize several larger- and smaller-scale events, where employers can meet students and tell about their career opportunities.

ARENA Career Fair

ARENA_logo_o_11.jpgARENA Career Fair is the leading recruitment and contact event for employers and business students in Finland. The fair is organized at our Töölö campus. Each year around 60-70 employers and 3000 students visit the fair. More information can be found from ARENA Career Fair website.

Aalto in the Game -recruiting event

Aalto in the Game brings together employers and future talents of the gaming industry. Employers can meet young experts at their stands and our game demo corner. Aalto in the Game -recruiting event was organized 2.11.2017 during TalentIT Career Fair in Otahalli. More information on last year's event.

TalentIT Career Fair

Talent_it_RGB.jpgFinland’s largest ICT recruiting event, TalentIT, brings together an array of young IT whizzes, ICT employers and researchers interested in digital services, technology and the development of systems. Explore the event at!

Summer Job Day!

Summer Job Day! is a great opportunity to recruit students for summer jobs from business, different technical fields as well as arts and design, and to build your employer brand. All Aalto students both at their Bachelor and Master's levels are invited to the event. Summer Job Day! 2018 was organized in the main lobby of the Under Graduate Center at our Otaniemi campus. Details and a new website for Summer Job Day! 2019 will be released later during the spring.

Alongside these events we also organize other smaller-scale events, such as CHEM Career Forum and Life after Graduation (School of Business).

Contact us!

We would be happy to answer your questions and help in your event arrangements!

  • Arabia (Arts and Design): career-arts [at] aalto [dot] fi ( )
  • Otaniemi (Technology): career-tech [at] aalto [dot] fi or the Career Services Manager of the relevant School, contact information
  • Töölö (Business), Annemari Rautio, tel. +358 (0)50 380 7398 or career-biz [at] aalto [dot] fi

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