Student application for the autumn´s mentoring programme is closed. To apply as a mentor please contact mentoring [at] aalto [dot] fi.


Content of the mentoring programme

Aalto University Mentoring Programme brings together alumni and students with a view to promote students´ career knowledge and self-development of both parties. It is about mutual benefit and working together. The programme connects annually up to three hundred Finnish and international students and alumni in Finland and abroad, thus being an unique combination of field-specificity, cross-disciplinarity, internationality and different generations.

Mentoring refers to a personal developmental process aimed at increasing an individual’s performance and professional expertise. Nowadays, mentoring and coaching are often used as a personnel development tool in business life. While workplace-internal mentoring focuses on guidance and transfer of information, student mentoring is more a question of open discussion, reflection, sharing experiences, new perspectives and mutual learning. Mentoring is a target-oriented mutual relationship with interactive content that is characterised by openness, confidentiality and commitment on both sides.

In Aalto University’s Mentoring Programme, the focus is on the building of a close long-term mentoring relationship between a student (the mentee/actor) and an alumnus (the mentor). The heart of the entire mentoring programme consists of monthly one-on-one meetings of the mentee and the mentor. As part of their relationship, the two parties are able to discuss career-related issues and topics of mutual interest. It is the mentees´ role to take responsibility for the progress of the mentoring process and interaction with the mentor.

Alongside the one-on-one meetings, the mentoring programme icludes joint events, which give participants an opportunity to cross-disciplinary encounters and support for mentoring. The programme starts with a kick-off in September and ends with a closing gala in May. In the kick-off, mentors and mentees are given guidance for the up-coming mentoring year, as well as a printed mentoring guide. It is also a great chance to meet other programme participants. Separate peer support evenings for mentors and mentee give an opportunity for discussing experiences and get support on mentoring roles. In addition to these, mentors and mentees are encouraged to organize thematic discussion meetings and organisation visits on their own.

Most of the seminars and events will be organized in English.

Interested to be a Mentor?

Alumni, are you ready for an open dialogue, to share your experience, knowledge and skills? To develop your sparring skills and to utilize your expertise and experiences in the best possible way? To work with Aalto University’s new student generation and cross-disciplinary network of mentors?

Finnish and international alumni of the School of Business, the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (TAIK and Architecture) or Schools of Technology (former TKK) are most welcome to apply as mentors. We expect you to have no less than five years of working life experience after graduation. We also appreciate you to be still involved in the business life at some level. Most important attributes for a mentor candidate is willingness to share experience and knowledge and ability to listen and to be present to the student. 

Mentees (actors) are Aalto University degree students in master stage of their studies.

What mentoring offers to alumni:

  • Development of mentoring, coaching, and interaction skills
  • Connections with students in the field
  • A co-operation channel to Aalto University
  • Development and expansion of the professional network
  • New perspectives and an opportunity to outline and reflect their exeprience and knowledge
  • Opportinity to get to know a person from another culture

What we expect from mentors:

  • Spend one-on-one time with the mentee once a month, on average
  • Set targets and agree on practical matters with the mentee
  • Support the development of the student’s working life skills, as a mentor
  • Respond to enquiries concerning mentoring and provide feedback
  • In case of problems, contact the programme manager: mentorointi [at] aalto [dot] fi (

What we do not expect from mentors:

  • Offer a job or an internship to the mentee
  • Give answers to all the mentee’s questions
  • Share all their own contacts with the mentee

Long-distance mentoring?

Also alumni living abroad/ outside of Helsinki area can apply as mentors. In telementoring the mentoring relationship is mainly a knowledge-sharing processs through telephone, skype and email. It is notable that most students wish to have a mentor with whom to have face-to-face meetings. However, besides mentors, there area some mentees spending part of the mentoring year abroad as exhange students. Should you like to have only face-to-face mentoring, please inform it in the application form and we take it into account in matching.


Interested to be a Mentee?

Student, do you long for help in career choices and in finding your own strenghts? Discussion support and new perspectives from a senior expert? An opportunity to tackle your future career dreams and self-development?

Aalto University degree students in the Master’s stage are eligible to apply as mentees. Students applying as mentees are required to be registered to Aalto University when the programme starts in autumn. As of mentors, taking part in the programme requires excellent Finnish or English skills of a mentee.

Mentors are Finnish and international Aalto University alumni, who have at minimum five years of working experience after graduation.

What mentoring offers to students:

  • A new contact to business life
  • Development of professional and job application skills
  • Finding of career choices and paths
  • Development of interactional and communication skills
  • New perspectives and thoughts
  • Cross-disciplinary encounters with Aalto University students and alumni

What we expect from mentees:

  • Spend one-on-one time with the mentor once a month
  • Have an active role and take the initiative in relation to the mentor
  • Set targets and agree on practical matters with the mentor
  • Understanding that mentoring relationship is not about getting an job offer or an internship
  • Respond to enquiries concerning mentoring and providing feedback
  • In case of problems, contact the programme manager: mentoring [at] aalto [dot] fi

Mentoring requires time and commitment. Before applying, please concider carefully whether you have motivation to mentoring along with your studies and a possible job.

Long-distance mentoring?

A small part of the mentors involved in the programme live abroad. Of a mentee a telementoring requires special commitment since the mentoring happens through e-mail, Skype or phone. You should take this into account  also if you are planning yourself to do exchange studies during the mentoring year. During your exchange you should be able to keep contact with your mentor.

How to apply


Student application for the 2018-2019 is closed.

To apply as a mentor please contact mentoring [at] aalto [dot] fi.

Apply to become a mentor or a mentee by filling-in the application form and attaching your CV.
The application contains questions about your motivation and hopes for mentoring. Your information will be used in the pair making, so please fill in the application carefully.

Before applying, please take a look at the frequently asked questions and answers.

We start processing the mentor and mentee profiles as soon as the application closes, so please make sure to apply on time! We will contact all the applicants in the mid-summer week (week 25) after we have processed the applications and finished matching.

Those accepted in the programme (=a match found) will receive and mentoring pair e-mail in mid-August. Be sure to check your e-mail. The pair information e-mail includes mentoring partner´s name, e-mail and phone number. Mentees are asked to contact their mentors before the mentoring programme starts in September. Mentoring pairs are free to meet before the kick-off it they wish.

Our goal is to find the most suitable mentoring pairs on the basis of the applicants´ wishes and objectives. The matches will be made primarily to meet mentees´ needs, however we also take into account mentors´ wishes for their mentees. The multi-disciplinary programme is a great chance to have a mentoring partner from another field. We do our best to find everyone the best possible match, however, we cannot guarantee a mentor/mentee for each applicant.

Student, if you have a mentor candidate in mind, you may ask him/her to be your mentor. Thus, already "matched" mentoring pairs are welcome to join the programme.

All applications will be processed in confidence, and no information will be disclosed to parties outside of Aalto University. To encourage networking among mentoring pairs, partipants´ contact details and a brief professional profile will be shared with the group. Discretion and confidentiality are the core of the mentoring relationship and programme.

Mentoring Programme Privacy Policy.

Aalto University’s Mentoring programme is part of the core activities of Alumni Relations. The planning and implementation of the programme is carried out in a close cooperation with internal and external stakeholders. The mentoring programme has long roots in schools at Aalto University. Student-alumni mentoring has been organised at the School of Economics since 1999 and at the University of Technology since 2000. Aalto University’s Mentoring programme utilizes the best practices in the former school-based programmes. The School of Arts, Design and Architecture – the former School of Art and Design Helsinki (TAIK) – is taking part in the programme since 2012.

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