Sustainable Aalto

Sustainability is an integral part of all activities at Aalto University. It builds on the University’s strategy, and is implemented into all operations. We look for strong societal impact in many levels. We are active partners in numerous relevant networks and are also in coordinating roles. Our campus development has a key role in implementing and creating new models for sustainable practices.


We promote sustainability holistically, in all our activities. It takes place in collaboration with our academic activities. We have a working group on sustainable services. In addition, operations are guided by equality and diversity guidelines and accessible learning plan. We also have a committee on research ethics.

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Aalto University operates actively in global and national sustainability networks. Aalto coordinates the Nordic Sustainable Campus Network and is a member in International Sustainable Campus Network. Also, we are members of Finnish UniPID, European Climate KIC and several other platforms.

Aalto Green

The key environmental impacts of campuses are related to energy consumption, transport and recycling. We look also into societal and cultural improvements and economical savings. ACRE, Aalto Campus and Real Estate plays the key role in developing the sustainable campus.

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Selected networks


Nordic Sustainable Campus Network is a Nordic university network on sustainability coordinated by Aalto.


ISCN, International Sustainable Campus Network is an extensive international network of universities. Aalto University’s sustainability report is based on the ISCN model.


Climate KIC is a community to share knowledge and innovation focusing on climate change funded by European Innovation and Technology Institute.

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