Research for Sustainability

At Aalto University we study exciting sustainability questions like giving rebirth to abandoned materials; evolution and revolution of towards more sustainable energy and mobility; or solutions for water scarcity. We study innovation for poverty alleviation, sharing economy, climate finance and many other topics. This gives us a unique opportunity for creating practice-relevant knowledge on cutting-edge sustainability solutions.

Yet overly narrow disciplinary foci without the accompanying understanding of and respect for the limits of nature and capabilities of the human society have a tendency to lead to negative unintended consequences. Therefore at Aalto Sustainability Hub we endeavour toward interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge creation, so that the research at Aalto could be ever more capable of tackling the complex sustainability challenges with research that is system-aware.

Research groups

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Sustainability in Business Research (SUB) research group studies innovative business models and transition paths that enhance sustainable development. SUB’s research streams cover energy transitions, innovation for poverty alleviation, new forms of organizing for a sustainability, and study of corporate responsibility.


NODUS is a research group and open network situated in Department of Design, focusing on new and emerging theories and practices of systemic implementations in design for sustainability.


Water & Development Research Group is a multidisciplinary research group that focuses on interconnectedness of water and development as well as research on integrated water systems.


Aalto WiT (World in Transition) LAB is a network of researchers and projects focusing on resilient communities, human settlements, humanitarian architecture, environmental awareness, pre-disaster planning, reconstruction, community engagement and grassroots action.


Social Acceptability Study (SAS) network is a research platform for sharing research and knowledge to build a sustainable bio-based society.


Fashion/Textile FUTURES research group has a strong focus on sustainability and it runs several research projects under this topic.

Examples of projects

Aalto Energy Efficiency Research Programme focuses on sustainable energy solutions in a multidisciplinary way.

NPharvest focuses on research of nutrient recovery and its technologies from different kind of liquid waste, including reject water, urine, leachate and septic waste.


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