Theme 4. Digitalisation, sharing and sustainability

The standard economic models have serious limits to what they can do to contribute to a sustainability agenda. Digitalisation provides opportunities for citizens to connect and create value in new ways to support sustainable local and sharing-based economies, often together with local authorities. For this theme we invite both theoretical and practice-based explorations of ICT-enabled and user-centered concepts of sharing and cooperation. The theme has a special interest in understanding how ICT changes systems of exchange and how marginalized citizens can potentially improve their socio-economic positions through these concepts. We aim at transdisciplinary understanding and have selected contributions from different fields to advance research on the ICT-based solutions to support a transition to a sustainable society. There are both theoretical and empirical insights, as well as examples from practice.

Convenors: Professor Pekka Nikander and Senior Research Fellow Maria Joutsenvirta

PROGRAM 12:45-15:00

Producing and sharing of sustainability knowledge to and between citizen-consumers

Maija Mattinen-Yuryev & Emma Terämä (Finnish Environment Institute, Sustainable Urbanisation Programme). Unique and open map-based service package for delivering sustainable urbanization

Giulia Sonetti (Politecnico di Torino, Sustainability Management). Exploring the potentials of ICT Tools for Human-Centric Restorative Design

Markko Hämäläinen (Aalto School of Science, Dept. of Industrial Engineering) & Anja Nygren (Helsinki University, Dept. of Political and Economic Studies). Digitalization, artisanality, and chocolate: New ways of bridging the global North – global South divide

The role of digitalization in sustainable community building

Maria Josefina Figueroa (Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Business and Politics). Are all societal pathways to a sustainability transition paved with Digitalization and Technological Acceleration? On the drivers and trends shaping the evolution of Smart Cities

Cindy Kohtala(Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Dept. of Design). DIY Digital Makers: How do P2P technology communities organize themselves?

Institutional and systemic approaches to sustainable innovation and sharing

İdil Gaziulusoy (Aalto School of Arts, Architecture and Design, Dept. of Design). At Crossroads: Digital Economy and Sustainability Transitions in Cities

Jenni Huttunen (Aalto School of Electrical Engineering, Dept. of Communications and Networking) & Maria Joutsenvirta (Aalto School of Business, Dept. of Management Studies). Cultivating Ambivalence: Designing Currency as Commons

Taina Tukiainen & Angelina Korsunova (Aalto School of Business, Dept. of Management Studies). Smart sustainable city as a key priority in Baltic Sea Region’s smart specialization


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