Theme 3. Regenerative Sustainability

An overarching problem within all built environments is how to fit the increasing urbanization within the ecological limits of the planet. The approach of regenerative sustainability is gaining increasing interest both in research and in practice. We invite works that discuss the central questions of regenerative sustainability, such as: How could human activity improve environmental sustainability, instead of continuously degrading it further? What kind of urban design solutions can create thriving socioecological synergies? What kinds of design, architectural and urban design practices enable learning, change processes, and realization of solutions of regenerative sustainability? And how could regenerative sustainability be linked to smart cities and circular economy? The aim of this session is to probe the development of the growing field of regenerative sustainability by bringing together the insights of the interested actors from different disciplines. We welcome both theoretical discussions and empirical insights, as well as examples from practice.

Program of the session 12:45-15 (Lumituuli, 1st floor)

12:45-12:55  Pulkkinen, Katri-Liisa: Welcome, introduction, and organization of the session

Transformative art, design and culture

12:55–13:05  Mäkikoskela, Riikka & Tuovinen, Taneli: Cultural change towards circular economy

13:05–13:15  Elisa Andretti, Andrea Milana (Presented by Sari Tähtinen): Cremacaffè Design Story

13:15–13:25  Houtbeckers, Eeva: A short ethnographic film on self-sufficiency for post-growth societies

13:25–13:35  Shared discussion of theme

Rethinking built environment

13:35–13:45  Aibéo, Pedro: Architectural democracy – mapping the relationships between architecture and democracy

13:45–13:55  Hughes, Mark; Halme, Minna; Fink, Gerhard: A paradigm shift in building construction in wood

13:55–14:05  Vehmaa, Anu; Karvinen, Meeri; Keskinen, Marko: Role of sustainable development in the working life of water and environmental engineers

14:05–14:15  Shared discussion of Theme 2

People as changemakers

14:15–14:25  Jalas, Mikko: Regenerative design: Conceptual clarifications of human agency

14:25–14:35  Faehnle, Maija & Peltomaa, Juha: Citizens as drivers of regenerative sustainability

14:35–14:45  Hirvilammi, Tuuli; Stamm, Ingo; Matthies, Aila-Leena & Närhi, Kati: Ecosocial innovations in the context of sustainability transition – creating alternative ways of work and participation

14:45–15:00  Shared discussion of theme


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