Theme 1. Sustainability-Oriented Innovation: Co-creating Novel Products, Services and Business Models

Sustainability-oriented innovation has received considerable interest from academics, managers and policy-makers. Benefitting from technological chance is less a question of technology, but rather of strategic change to be part of changing the way how production and consumption is organised. For this theme we have selected works that provide new empirical insights, and draw from salient bodies of theoretical and applied knowledge. The theme has a special interest in understanding how novel solutions, products, services and new types of business models can solve grand sustainability challenges. The contributions examine sustainability-oriented innovations from management, organisations or policy perspective in order to better understand underlying actor roles, inter and intra-organisational practices, processes and impacts in socio-technical change.  

Convenor: Professor Jouni Juntunen

Program 12.45-15.00 (Kaleva Hall, 2nd floor)

Catalyzing Institutional Work for Transnational Commons: Building a Bridge over Troubled Waters

Tiina Ritvala & Tina M. Dacin

Solar energy in the North: Temporality and the collective enactment of legitimacy in nascent fields

Heli Nissilä, Nina Granqvist, Mari Holopainen & Risto Rajala

Networks of energy experiments for sustainability transition

Petteri Repo & Kaisa Matschoss

Energy Internet forums as acceleration phase transition intermediaries

Sampsa Hyysalo, Jouni Juntunen & Mari Martiskainen

Bioeconomy network mapping to promote sustainability and elicit innovation

Galyna Medyna & Sirpa Kurppa

Circular-bioeconomy business models in Finnish SMEs

Dalia D’Amato, Simo, Veijonaho & Anne Toppinen

Frugal Innovation in the Context of Circular Economy: An Exploratory Study

Eugenia Rosca

Entrepreneurial Innovation Processes: Adding a Spatial Dimension to Effectuation Theory

Marleen Wierenga, Sara Lindeman, Jarkko Levänen & Mokter Hossain

Exploring the role of cross-sector collaboration in cleantech innovations

Samuli Patala

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