Doctors meeting practitioners

Convenors: Postdoc researcher Maija Taka

In this session, doctoral students will meet experienced sustainability practitioners and discuss their research plans and impact. The sessions will be a marketplace (tori) of research topics. Doctoral students will present their research plans in different “booths” and each doctoral student is assigned a discussion partner to discuss the research topic and its impact.  The aim of the dialogue is to strengthen the collaboration among practitioners and researchers, identify the needs for research and high impact.

For practitioners

This Mayday session will provide an unique setting to have insights on current research topics within sustainability in Aalto. Possible novel perspectives and ideas – and an opening for a dialogue with future key experts. 

For doctoral students

This Mayday session will give support in building your expertise in your thesis, and how you could you engage with practitioners. The practitioners from ministries, companies and associations will be selected and hand-picked by Aalto Sustainability Hub on the basis of the research ares and fields of interest. You will gain useful and novel insights into your research and identify current needs for new knowledge and solutions.

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