Education for sustainability

Our aim is to integrate sustainability into education throughout Aalto. All of Aalto's Bachelor and Master programmes will include learning objectives connected to sustainability.

Our teaching staff gets peer-support on how to integrate sustainability aspects in their course practices and contents. In addition to integrating sustainability considerations into general courses, we offer dedicated sustainability Master programmes as well as minor studies on a variety of sustainability themes. Within the dedicated sustainability programmes our students learn both state-of-the-art sustainability knowledge, and in the spirit of interdisciplinarity we want our students to learn to understand and respect knowledge of other fields.

The dedicated programmes focused on sustainability are listed below.

Creative sustainability.png

Creative Sustainability is a joint Master’s program of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Business and School of Engineering. The students learn to combine different competences to create solutions for advancing sustainability. 

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Master’s Programmes in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering consist of four international Master’s programs that have been acknowledged by EIT Climate KIC and aims to train professionals who can utilize biomass in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner.

Water and Environmental Engineering.png

Water and Environmental Engineering is a multidisciplinary Master's program that focuses especially on adapting theories to solve societal challenges.


Environmental Engineering is a multidisciplinary Nordic Master's program that addresses some of the most pressing societal issues from climate change to sustainable energy solutions. 


Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering is a multidisciplinary Masters programme, which focuses on future challenges of sustainable built environment and technologies, emphasizing a range of perspectives, from people's daily lives to strategic and systemic thinking.

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Master’s Programme in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability (EIT Raw Materials) focuses on material and value chain optimisation in the spirit of circular economy. Provides an understanding of the full materials value chain with a mindset for innovation & entrepreneurship focusing on sustainability.


EIT innoEnergy.png

Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems Master's program offers advanced education in the field of sustainable energy systems for the future.



Innovative and Sustainable Energy Engineering is a Nordic Master's program that comprise a wide array of contents on sustainable energy solutions.



Master’s program in Advanced Energy Solutions aims to educate a new generation to face vast challenges and to implement the radical changes needed in our societies in the context of energy. It consists of the following Master’s programs:

Sustainable Global Technologies.png

Sustainable Global Technologies is an entity of three courses that highlight the role of sustainability and technology in today’s global world.  



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