Sustainability at Aalto University

Aalto University aims to integrate responsibility and sustainability in teaching and research as well as services.

Our mission sets an obligation to promote sustainable development. Our intention is to integrate sustainability and responsibility into all teaching and research as well as services, and to become sustainable university campus.


Aalto is the first Finnish university to join International Sustainable Campus Network, ISCN (

Reporting on sustainable development

Sustainability reporting 2014, additional statistics

Commitments, publications

Sustainability and responsibility in teaching and research

The intention of Aalto University is to promote the themes of sustainable development in line with the strategic priority areas.


These themes include e.g. sustainable use of energy and natural resources and a human-centric living environment. Aalto's sustainable development is realised in interdisciplinary cooperation with all six schools.

Examples of forms of cooperation:

Sustainable campus

We intend to be Finland's leading sustainable university campus in 2020. Our premises, instruments, equipment, materials and related services are of high quality and purposeful. They are being developed with a long-term perspective, cost-effectively and following the principles of sustainable development.


All service units participate in making the sustainable campus an everyday reality. The focus is on ecologically sustainable development, but social, cultural and economic aspects are also taken into account.

Aalto University Properties, energy pages (in Finnish)

Campus 2015 architectural competition

The aim of the project is to create a vibrant environment for research and learning activities on Aalto University's Otaniemi campus, in a sustainable manner with direct access to the coming metro station. Read more:

Väre wins Campus 2015 architectural design competition

Campus 2015 (

Urban gardening in Otaniemi

Students and staff can rent their own garden plot at Otaniemi campus. News on Aalto Garden Otaniemi here.

Check also Lahopuutarha competition supporting biodiversity, in co-operation with Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.


Recycling on campuses and practices

Outreach, societal impact

Aalto University is an actor that understands, anticipates and influences the needs of society and promotes the welfare and quality of life of society and its members through high-quality research and instruction.


With regard to its approaches and work culture the university is a unique node of research, development and innovation.

Aalto University's societal interaction

Networks, memberships, partners

The sustainable development work is carried out through several networks and membership in several organisations. In addition, a number of partners participate in the sustainable development work.

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