Equality and diversity

All our activities are guided by integrity – honesty, equality, impartiality, and respect for others.

At Aalto University, equality means that all personnel representatives, taking into consideration their academic and/or professional qualifications, have equal rights and responsibilities as well as equal opportunities for career advancement and personal development. Everyone involved in teaching and research activities has the opportunity to affect the development of teaching and research, along with other operational planning and decision-making. Students are offered equal opportunities to participate in teaching, project work and research activities, and their study performance is evaluated fairly, based on clearly defined learning outcomes declared in advance.

Equality principles also apply to international activities. Foreign students, teachers, researchers and cooperation partners must have equal opportunities to work at the university compared to all other members of the university community. The central principles of Finnish legislation and the goals and commitments of the equality work in Aalto University are to be communicated to international students and personnel.

The successful realisation of equality necessitates so-called mainstreaming, which means that the values of Aalto are visible in all practices of the university. The responsibility to promote equality applies to all members of the university community.


The Aalto University Equality plan 2016-2018 (pdf) 
(approved on 29 February 2016)

Appendix 2. Aalto - Gender and age equality

Appendix 3. Accessible learning 2015-2017


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