#88 Johanna Vierros & Annika Järvelin

“Duara develops services which offer people the opportunity to get to know village communities in developing countries as well as their day-to-day life and people in a way that will also benefit the local community. The impetus for our service came from two problems that were bothering us: Firstly, how can travel be used to become part of local life more easily? Secondly, it would be wonderful if the money spent at the destination benefited the community living there more evenly rather than just the part of the population that was already better off. Duara does not correspond to the traditional image of a start-up company because we are not primarily aiming to get rich quick ; we would rather create a company which tries to solve an existing problem and make the world a little better.”

Johanna Vierros, student on the Creative Sustainability programme
Annika Järvelin, design alumnus