#57 Antti Ikonen

"There are no fundamental academic differences or differences related to objectives between the three schools from which Aalto University was established.  The greatest and only real challenge, which is related to multidisciplinary studies and research has been the differences in the operations cultures. This dates back to the administrative traditions in each university. However, these challenges and speed-bumps can be conquered, and in many instances we have already done so. For example, concerns on whether the students from different universities would get along is in my opinion completely unnecessary.

Last autumn, I participated in organising a course on electronic art, during which students of technology and art had no problems in finding common ground. A decisive part of success was that a sufficient amount of time had been reserved for the project and the assignment was sufficiently liberal to allow for technological expertise and artistic expression. A thorough plan paid itself back as the course succeeded seamlessly. 

Antti Ikonen, Lecturer, Interactive sound and music, Department of Media