#56 Bruno Sousa

"A bassoon is a strange instrument. There are relatively few bassoonists even worldwide. I have played different instruments since I was a child, but only started to play the bassoon at a Brazilian conservatory of music when I was 18. I had to stop studying the bassoon for ten years due to moving.

A couple years ago, while at home, I heard the sound of a bassoon playing somewhere. I went in search of this, and finally knocked on a neighbour's door. The person, who opened the door, told me that he was a student at the Sibelius Academy. I told him about my own background and asked if I could come in to listen for a while. From that time onward, I've been taking lessons from him. He even helped me find an instrument for myself. Now, I play in the Polytech Orchestra. This spring, we are going to Scotland to play Sibelius's music.

Knocking on my neighbours door was very worthwhile. I found my passion for music again, and I have met a bunch of fun people through the orchestra."

Bruno Sousa, PhD, Department of Electrical Engineering