#50 Jaan Praks

“Before radio programming could be developed, the radio had to be invented. Every innovation is the result of a series of other inventions and a lot of science. We have been the first in Finland to build nanosatellites, and, now, we are looking further ahead. Development is swift in this field, and I believe that no more than five years from now we can focus on creating 'our own radio programmes'. In our case, this would mean manual scientific research directly from satellites, which is built on a good foundation. Small satellites can be used, for example, for real-time measurements related to the weather, the space environment, the quality of waters and emissions or to improve aviation safety. However, what I'm waiting for most from the future is completely new and unexpected innovations that will utilise the future's space technology in a way that no one has even imagined yet.”

Jaan Praks, Assistant Professor, Department of Radio Science and Engineering