#42 Anna-Leena Hetemäki

“Economics is a really theoretical subject, and after two years of studying I came to realise that, in certain situations, my own life experience was partly in conflict with the world view taught at the school. When I went on an exchange to Vladivostok in Russia, I went to a culture that was not familiar to me and in which I knew no one, and had to redefine to myself who I actually was. After I returned to my studies in Finland, KY-Speksi at the School of Business introduced me to the theatre and band scene. There I have felt that I can be involved in things totally as my own self. The band is also about doing things together with other people, which means that a good band does not consist of a group of leading stars only, acting in their own self-interest. It’s about doing something new and creative together, listening to each other in such a way that everyone’s voice is heard.”

Anna-Leena Hetemäki, a student of economics