#114 George Atanassov

’It was only when my daughter was born that I really understood the difference between knowledge gained from reading and knowledge gained from experience. This sounds like a cliche, but she has taught me so much. At Aalto University, we talk a lot about the communal spirit, values, collective effort and things we have to know. Ever since I was little, I have been working a lot, and here I have occasionally felt that we wouldn’t need to have a philosophical discussion or to make a poster or a decision in principle about everything. That couldn’t we just do what have to do and stop being too indecisive? But after my daughter was born, I understood the importance of what we are dealing with here. Aalto University is still a young university so it is damn important to define even at grass roots level what we are and how we do everything.’

George Atanassov, student of product development/Producer, Design Factory