#113 Kati Eriksson

'Institutional investing is rarely just about investment management itself. It’s about a fiduciary duty to always act in the best interest of the institution and to fulfil the set goals and liabilities. It rests on integrity and trust. The purpose of the Aalto University Endowment and the fiduciary role of the endowment team have a fundamental link to strategic initiatives at Aalto.

In Otaniemi, we have this unique opportunity of building new, writing out our own history and even more importantly laying out a robust foundation for the future. The endowment is a perpetual fund. It’s about planting seeds today to benefit this generation and also generations to come. Our work is about intergenerational equality.

My team works together with professionalism, ambition, diligence, focus, curiosity, passion and, very often, with laughter. These characteristics also describe the spirit of Aalto to me.'

Kati Eriksson, Head of Investment, Aalto University