#110 Milja Asikainen

'When I started my studies here in Otaniemi a few years ago, the first weeks were a hustle. It felt like running from one orientation lecture to another. One of the most memorable moments was organized by my student organization, the Guild of Physics. On the first day we first-year students were walking towards one of the lectures. By the door of the Otakaari 1 Undergraduate Centre a huge number of older students were gathered, wearing their overalls. They formed an honorary alley through which we walked to the beat of the Imperial March. It was both super weird and exiting. It was one of those moments when students do something they find fun regardless of the opinions of others. During the first weeks, I learned how the university works but most importantly, I found a community that welcomed me.'

Milja Asikainen, President of the Board of Aalto University Student Union