#107 Kristian Ahlers & Taru Vainikainen

‘The Lääkärihinta.fi website compares the prices and queuing situations of private and public service providers. We are a different kind of company at the Summer of Startups in that we had already launched our service before we participated. However, we were able to further develop it here, via activities such as sparing with the people from Ernst & Young. We have also gained a large number of contacts here, and we have been introduced to interesting investors. The atmosphere has been a positive one, and we have met people, who have been of great benefit to us. To sum up, we've had such a good time here that we just decided to move our offices to Otaniemi.’

Kristian Ahlers, CEO & Co -founder, Lääkärihinta.fi
Taru Vainikainen, Founder & Chief Information Officer, Lääkärihinta.fi