Professors' Council

All permanent professors of the university, other members of the professoriate designated by the president, and Academy professors working at the university are members of the council.

The Professors' Council acts as an advisory body for the president and vice presidents and ensures that the voice of the academic science and art community is heard on essential issues related to the values of the university. 

The Professors' Council plans and decides on its operation and working methods on its own, selects the chairman and vice chairman of the council and a working committee for coordinating the operation. The president appoints a secretary for the council to support its work.

Katja Hölttä-Otto, School of Engineering

Turkka Keinonen (School of Arts, Design and Architecture),  Markku Kuula (School of Business), Kari Laasonen (School of Chemical Engineering), Jukka Manner (School of Electrical Engineering), Risto Lahdelma (School of Engineering) and Matti Vartiainen (School of Science).

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