School of Arts, Design and Architecture

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture, founded in 1871 as the Craft School, is one of Finland’s most internationally known schools. It is the largest in its field in the Nordic countries and one of the most respected in the world. The school became a part of Aalto University in 2010, and started operating in its present form in 2012.

Campus from Ateneum to Arabianranta

Atski, an early nickname for the school, originated from Ateneum, the first location of the school in the noble building drawn by Architect Theodor Höijer (1843-1910), which is located by the Railway Square in Helsinki. Ateneum served as the furnace of industrial art education for 100 years.Now the building is home to the Ateneum Art Museum and the Central Art Archives, both of which are part of the Finnish National Gallery. 

Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu Arabia

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture moved to a location within the Arabia factory complex in 1986. The area is known as the Arabianranta district, which over the years has grown into an internationally significant industrial art and media centre as the result of an art and design city project created around the school.

Studies and research

Since the 1970s, the aim of education at the School of Art and Design has been to deepen students’ scientific and artistic competence, and to refine their innovative processing into professional practices. The original, traditional education in product and environmental design was gradually supplemented by strong training in visual communication, new media, film, and television.

Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakouluThe school's swift internationalisation has opened doors to partnerships with foreign institutions and businesses, and to international markets such as China and Japan. Media education, research and development, as well as multidisciplinary research schools are now integrated in the operation of the school.

Since the 1990s, the establishment of multidisciplinary study programmes between different universities has been part of the renewal and expansion of education in Finland. For the school, joint degree programmes and/or partnerships like International Design Business Management (IDBM), Polis, Master of European Design (MEDes), Helsinki School of Creative Entrepreneurship (HSCE), and Visual Journalism have paved the way for other, more extensive cooperation among various universities

The degree system renewed in 1994 divided the basic degree into a lower and higher basic degree: a three-year degree of Bachelor of Art (BA), and a two-year degree of Master of Art (MA). Until the end of 1999, it was possible to get a Licentiate of Art degree.

The current degree structure at the school is similar to degree structures found internationally. Since 1983, it has been possible to study for a degree of Doctor of Arts. The first doctoral degrees were conferred at the beginning of the 1990s. Now eight to ten Doctor of Arts students graduate from the School of Art and Design every year.

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