Password managers vulnerable to insider hacking

15. August 2018

Communication channels between different parts and pieces of computer software are prone to security breaches. Anyone with access to a shared computer can attack or involuntarily subject it to security breaches.

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Qubits as valves: controlling quantum heat engines

9. July 2018

Researchers from Aalto University are designing nano-sized quantum heat engines to explore whether they may be able to outperform classical heat engines in terms of power and efficiency.

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Ultimate precision for sensor technology using qubits and machine learning

3. July 2018

Extracting information quickly from quantum states is necessary for future quantum processors and super-sensitive detectors in existing technologies.

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Students raised half a million euros for a new professor of their own

28. June 2018

The Information Networks programme at Aalto University will have a new Professor of Practice, Dr. Risto Sarvas.

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Aalto-1 was launched into space a year ago – the Otaniemi ground station is already being prepared for the launch of the next satellites

21. June 2018

Aalto-1 has successfully cleared the difficulties it has faced in orbit. The largest amount of research data has been provided by the RADMON radiation monitor carried by the satellite.

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Aalto brings students’ art and creativity projects to Flow Festival

19. June 2018

Students’ murals, films, videos, animations, design, art education workshops and architecture will be on display.

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Ceremonial conferment to celebrate 421 new doctors in the field of technology

14. June 2018

The doctoral graduates are ceremonially introduced and given the insignia of their degree, the doctoral hat of technology.

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Breakthrough in lignin research: spherical particles multiply enzyme efficiency

11. June 2018

Lignin, a pulp industry by-product, could replace fossil materials.

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Research Alliance to drive innovation in the automation of transport and logistics

11. June 2018

Finland is home to technological excellence with world-leading experience in the development of autonomous transport and logistics.

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Designer materials with completely random structures might enable quantum computing

4. June 2018

Topological randomness may be the answer for lossless electronics and making the nuts and bolts of quantum computers.

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Aalto University and the Xidian University develop together the wireless technology of the future

25. May 2018

The theme is the next generation of wireless technology (post-5G and 6G), in particular the security technology.

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Nokia had to weed out a culture of fear to embrace a future without smart phones, in-depth interview study reveals

24. May 2018

The radical strategic move demanded a sea change in Nokia’s management style.

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Academician Risto Nieminen elected as foreign associate of the US National Academy of Sciences

9. May 2018

The election is a prestigious recognition of Nieminen’s scientific achievements.

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Artwork chosen for the new campus buildings

8. May 2018

The art of Väre and the School of Business reflects the multidisciplinary approach.

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AI-created family trees confirm class divisions in Finland in the 18th and 19th century

3. May 2018

The genealogy algorithm AncestryAI efficiently combines huge amounts of birth data.

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2.7 billion tweets confirm: echo chambers in Twitter are very real

24. April 2018

Bipartisan users, who try to bridge the echo chambers, pay a price for their work: they become less central in their network, lose connections to their communities and receive less endorsements from others.

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Diamond-like carbon is formed differently to what was believed – machine learning enables development of new model

19. April 2018

Customised carbon surfaces can be used in areas such as medical science and water purification.

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Academy of Finland Flagship funding for Aalto University and VTT to develop new biomaterials

18. April 2018

Aalto University and VTT will set up a competence center to develop new materials for securing a sustainable future.

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Young people seeking solutions for better future

18. April 2018

Millennium Youth Prize is a new technology competition for 14 to 18-year-olds.

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Life-span of new solar cell technologies to increase even tenfold with methods developed in doctoral study

9. April 2018

New types of solar cells lose their effectiveness as they age because electrolyte in them loses colour, which indicates a decrease in charge carriers.

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The traits of fast typists discovered by analysing 136 million keystrokes

5. April 2018

An online study with 168,000 people shows large variation in typing speeds and styles.

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Borrow a researcher for an hour – top digital experts offer free Skype conversations and coaching 23–27 April

4. April 2018

Are you interested in 5G, blockchains, crowdsourcing or perhaps digital ethics? Call a researcher week offers a unique opportunity to have a chat with experts.

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Deep inside Perseus A – A telescope larger than the Earth makes a sharp image of the formation of black hole jets in the core of a radio galaxy

3. April 2018

An international team of researchers has imaged newly forming jets of plasma from a massive black hole with unprecedented accuracy.

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Mathematical method exposes differences between social and healthcare providers

29. March 2018

A more comprehensive assessment of service quality makes it possible to cut social and healthcare spending without affecting the quantity or quality of the services.

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Weather phenomena such as El Niño affect up to two-thirds of the world’s harvests

28. March 2018

Air pressure, sea level temperature or other similar factors fluctuate regularly in areas far apart in a way that causes rain and temperature patterns to shift significantly.

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