Film Memento helped uncover how the brain remembers and interprets events from clues

21. February 2018

Key repeating moments in the film give viewers the information they need to understand the storyline. The scenes cause identical reactions in the viewer’s brain. The results deepen our understanding of how the brain functions, how narratives work in film, and memory mechanisms impaired by conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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Project examining the state of water services and the structural change to be launched

19. February 2018

The current renovation rate in the water supply and sewerage networks is not sufficient. The project aims to find the best methods for the implementation of the required structural change.

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Board chosen for Helsinki Graduate School of Economics

16. February 2018

Erkki Liikanen, the Governor of the Bank of Finland has agreed to serve as the chair of the board of the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (Helsinki GSE)

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Finnish innovation to reduce complications after open heart surgery

15. February 2018

Roughly every five patients suffer from different kinds of heart failure after open heart surgery.

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Serious shortcomings in aging tests of new solar cell materials

6. February 2018

Researchers at Aalto University have found that only a fraction of stability tests done on new types of solar cells meet proper requirements. Tests lack common standards and should have been done in real-world conditions and in groups of several cells.

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Aalto University invests in children and young people - Aalto University Junior is ready for adventure

17. January 2018

New facilities for child and youth activities opened at Otaniemi campus.

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Improved home care services and reduced workload for carers with a new work model

16. January 2018

Aalto University researchers have developed the model for several years together with carers and home care administration.

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Half a million euros in donations for a new Information Networks Professor at Aalto

10. January 2018

Aalto University will use the funds to establish a new Professor of Practice for the Information Networks degree programme.

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Helsinki Graduate School of Economics gains several new professorships

20. December 2017

Helsinki GSE will gain new professorships funded by the Bank of Finland and the VATT Institute for Economic Research, which is governed by the Ministry of Finance.

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Diving into the unknown: what’s physics after the Higgs boson?

8. December 2017

Thousands of researchers at the CERN research centre are looking for particles and phenomena that standard physics cannot explain.

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Night owls have larger social networks than early birds

7. December 2017

Data and traces of our mobile phone use and digital behaviour can be used to understand and treat mental health disorders.

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European Space Agency opens a business accelerator on Aalto University campus

30. November 2017

Located at A Grid, the new centre for growth companies, the accelerator will give impetus to space-technology-based entrepreneurship in Finland.

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Finnish energy transition arena report launched: Experts highlight a need for a thorough renovation of the energy sector to meet global climate challenges and improve Finnish competitiveness

27. November 2017

The use of fossil fuels needs to stop on a fast schedule, a fresh report emphasises.

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Not blinded by the light: Rods in the retina contribute to daylight vision

27. November 2017

Findings of international research team may be beneficial in the search for new treatments for patients suffering from loss of photopic vision.

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New microscope sets a record for visualizing surface wetting properties

27. November 2017

The microscope is 1000 times more precise than current techniques, allowing the creation of wetting maps as a new concept for hydrophobic surface characterization.

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HeatStock ties for first place in Helsinki Challenge idea competition

24. November 2017

Aalto-led team develops material that stores heat.

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Aalto University’s fashion students’ works at an exhibition in Tokyo

22. November 2017

The fashion students’ collections are presented at an invitational exhibition at the famous 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 3 in Tokyo, Japan on 2–3 December, 2017.

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Europe’s largest hackathon Junction takes over Aalto University

16. November 2017

Aalto’s main building Dipoli will turn into a giant hackathon community on 24–26 November. Over 1400 coders and designers from all over the world will come together to solve real-life challenges.

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Almost three million euro Erasmus Mundus funding for information security master’s programme

16. November 2017

The European Commission has granted €2.9M funding for SECCLO – Master’s Programme in Security and Cloud Computing starting in 2018.

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The Suomi 100 satellite will be a milestone in Finland’s space history

10. November 2017

The satellite will be delivered and sent into space under the provisions of the new Space Act, at the beginning of 2018.

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A film research study shows how the brain reacts to difficult moral issues

27. October 2017

The family relationship between film characters clearly affects the reactions in the viewers' brain.

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Finland's largest career fair in the ICT field is coming

25. October 2017

More than 100 exhibitors participate in TalentIT 2017.

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Riitta Silvennoinen appointed Chief Human Resources Officer

25. October 2017

Silvennoinen will start at Aalto in February.

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Aalto University implements the art percent principle: Dipoli's new art collection

24. October 2017

The artists of the works are Aalto University alumni and represent numerous different fields of art.

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Aalto University and the University of Helsinki join forces in artificial intelligence research

23. October 2017

The objective of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence is to make Finland a leading country in artificial intelligence research and its utilisation.

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