Aalto University’s fashion students’ works at an exhibition in Tokyo

22. November 2017

The fashion students’ collections are presented at an invitational exhibition at the famous 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 3 in Tokyo, Japan on 2–3 December, 2017.

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Europe’s largest hackathon Junction takes over Aalto University

16. November 2017

Aalto’s main building Dipoli will turn into a giant hackathon community on 24–26 November. Over 1400 coders and designers from all over the world will come together to solve real-life challenges.

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Almost three million euro Erasmus Mundus funding for information security master’s programme

16. November 2017

The European Commission has granted €2.9M funding for SECCLO – Master’s Programme in Security and Cloud Computing starting in 2018.

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The Suomi 100 satellite will be a milestone in Finland’s space history

10. November 2017

The satellite will be delivered and sent into space under the provisions of the new Space Act, at the beginning of 2018.

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A film research study shows how the brain reacts to difficult moral issues

27. October 2017

The family relationship between film characters clearly affects the reactions in the viewers' brain.

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Finland's largest career fair in the ICT field is coming

25. October 2017

More than 100 exhibitors participate in TalentIT 2017.

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Riitta Silvennoinen appointed Chief Human Resources Officer

25. October 2017

Silvennoinen will start at Aalto in February.

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Aalto University implements the art percent principle: Dipoli's new art collection

24. October 2017

The artists of the works are Aalto University alumni and represent numerous different fields of art.

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Aalto University and the University of Helsinki join forces in artificial intelligence research

23. October 2017

The objective of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence is to make Finland a leading country in artificial intelligence research and its utilisation.

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Internet researchers harnessed the power of algorithm to find hate speech

13. October 2017

The aim was to identify hate speech targeted at minorities and people in a vulnerable position.

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Laser scanning and augmented reality to enter theatres

13. October 2017

The objective of the Virtual Adventure into the World of Theatre project is to increase the interest of young people in particular in culture.

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Ari Niemelä the School of Engineering Alumnus of the Year 2017

11. October 2017

Ari Niemelä works at the Meyer Turku shipyard, where his task is to develop the design of demanding ship hull concepts by exploiting the most recent knowledge and design methods without compromising safety or passenger comfort.

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Construction of a quantum computer begins at Aalto University

10. October 2017

Docent Mikko Möttönen's working group has received nearly one million euros in funding for the construction of a quantum computer.

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Kristiina Mäkelä appointed as Aalto University Provost

9. October 2017

The Provost leads the processes related to teaching, research, innovation and societal impact.

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Spectral library reveals how boreal trees reflect solar radiation

28. September 2017

An internationally significant spectral library helps in the interpretation of satellite images and in the assessment of the effects of forests on climate.

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Helsinki Graduate School of Economics to increase the number of top experts on economics in Finland

19. September 2017

Aalto, Hanken and University of Helsinki are preparing a new graduate school and research unit.

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Jaakko Kahilaniemi has won the Majaoja Prize 10.000e

18. September 2017

Photographic artist Jaakko Kahilaniemi has won the main prize 10.000 euros awarded by Majaoja Foundation with his photo series 100 Hectares of Understanding. The series deals with forest and understanding and owning it.

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Revealing the cause for high air content in concrete

15. September 2017

A study carried out in Aalto University showed that the effectiveness of the mixing process has a great significance when newer plasticizing additives are used.

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Suomi 100 satellite on display in the Space Truck in Otaniemi 15 September

13. September 2017

The third satellite built at Aalto University will be launched into space in December.

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Ilkka Niemelä: ‘Higher education a critical national investment’

8. September 2017

Speakers at the Aalto opening ceremony included Mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori and Chair of the Student Union Joona Orpana.

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Safer bone surgery thanks to a technique patented at Aalto

7. September 2017

MIT Technology Review selected Visa Sippola as one the most promising young innovators.

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New research institute solves information security of robotic cars and drones

7. September 2017

Aalto University is a member of Intel Labs' CARS research lab that tackles security and privacy challenges of autonomous systems.

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Magnetic stimulation of the brain improved awareness of subject's own cognitive abilities

29. August 2017

Understanding brain function might help in the development of new treatments for neuropsychiatric illnesses in the future.

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Updated Dipoli opens on Aalto University campus

17. August 2017

The refurbished building is a meeting place for the whole Aalto community.

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Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

17. August 2017

The areas of cooperation include healthcare data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as start-up activities.

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