Other academic positions

Other academic position includes all the academic positions outside of the tenure track career system. Other academic positions enable long term planning of teaching and research, and ensure the mobility of the researchers.


Aalto University academic positions are illustrated below. These positions support the long term planning of teaching and research as well as researcher mobility. 

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Academic career system



Professor  (Artistic Practices), Professor (Design Practices) and Professor (Architectural Practices)

These positions are intended for the fields of art, design, and architecture. They provide the departments with the possibility to open new areas of teaching and research and/or artistic work, and re-evaluate and dynamically develop a field. The position is considered a professor position with Aalto-level requirements and external evaluation. The recruitment process is the same used in tenure track recruitments. Please see also the evaluation criteria page.

Professor of Practice

Professor of Practice – position provides an opportunity to transfer practical societal knowledge to the university community. Professionals recruited to professor of practice positions are highly respected professionals on fields important to Aalto University. The central role of Professor of Practice is teaching. The requirements for the position and criteria are specified by the school.

Lecturer Career System

The aim of Aalto lecturer career system is to promote countinious personal and professional development of teaching personnel. The main responsibility of the individuals in the Aalto lecturer career system is teaching, which is complemented with agreed combination of research and/or comparable artistic tasks, and activity in scientific community and pedagogical leadership. Responsibilities in the development of curriculum and pedagogical leadership increase with seniority. The lecturer career system is mainly intended for teachers of practical and professional courses, teachers of bachelor level courses, and language teachers.

Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Fellow

Postdoctoral position is designed to enable outstanding researchers - having recently completed their doctoral studies - to qualify as researchers. The position offers good opportunity to strengthen research competence and teaching experience, as well as to prepare for tenure track or other academic career.

Research Fellow positions are for qualified researchers to further develop their academic competence. Research Fellows typically already have significant postdoctoral research experience.

Staff Scientist and Senior Scientist

Staff Scientist and Senior Scientist positions support the work of tenure track professors, professors of practice, lecturers, and postdoctoral researchers. The positions require doctoral degree or comparable artistic qualifications, as well as special expertise of research work connected essentially to e.g. the use and development of large-scale research infrastructures and complex research equipment.

Positions in Residence

Distinguished senior executives, academic leaders or distinguished experts or artists who have been invited to Aalto University for a specified purpose. The task may include e.g. building of new education modules, development of business relationships or comparable qualified development of scientific or artistic collaboration. The positions are for a fixed time and they are primarily dependent on outside funding.

Doctoral Candidate

Doctoral education is the first step on an academic career. Aalto University offers internationally  competitive and high quality doctoral education in the fields of science, business and arts. The admission to Aalto doctoral programmes is usually once or twice a year, while some programmes have continuous admission. More information onf Aalto doctoral education.


Aalto University Policies and Procedures: Lecturer  Career System, Other Academic Positions. Policies and Procedures for Aalto Tenure Track can be found under Tenure track career system.

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