Professor of Film Sound Design

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Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is one of the most prestigious international universities of art, design and architecture in the world. The school is a strong source of social influence. Key areas of research are design, digital media, audiovisual representation, art, visual culture, well-being architecture and emerging technologies, and urban planning and design. The school’s history dates back to 1871. ELO Film School Finland, founded in 1959, is one of the eldest film schools in Europe and in the world.


Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is now looking for a




The position can be filled in Assistant Professor 2 (fixed-term) / Associate Professor (fixed-term or tenured) / Full Professor (tenured) level of the Aalto University Tenure track system. The position will start in spring 2019 or as agreed.

The position is located in the Department of Film, Television and Scenography (ELO Film School Finland). The School was founded in 1959, and is one of the eldest film schools in Europe and in the world. ELO consists of two degree programmes. The Degree Programme in Film and Television offers education in seven areas of specialization:  directing, screenwriting, film and television producing, film editing, cinematography, sound design, and documentary filmmaking. The Degree Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television offers three areas of specialization: production design, production design for performing arts and costume design. In addition, the Department offers education in film history and research skills. The Department endorses practice-based research with questions emerging from experiences in artistic and production work. The research activities aim to produce new theoretical and practical knowledge, insights and approaches to filmmaking and scenography.The Department collaborates closely with the University of the Arts Helsinki and with other national and international higher education institutions specialized in arts. For more information, see

Job description

The Professor of Film Sound Design will focus on teaching and developing methods of sound design and audiovisual storytelling. The purpose is to educate students to become professionals in the field of film and TV. The Professor of Film Sound Design will participate in developing both the major and the department, and is responsible for teaching and developing film sound design in Finland. S/he will also be actively working within the field and creating collaborations within and outside of Aalto. The professor is expected to maintain and create national, Nordic and international collaboration within the field. 

The selected person is also expected to maintain an active professional career as Sound designer while working as the Professor in Film Sound Design. The Professor is encouraged to take periodic, uncompensated leaves of absence to pursue her/his artistic work.



The applicants will be reviewed on the basis of the following areas: artistic merits, teaching, co-operative skills, activity and leadership in artistic or academic community and research. Artistic merits will be emphasized in the selection process. Experience in teaching and educational development is an advantage,and good potential to perform successfully in teaching is required. Research and publication activity is considered to be an asset, but it is not required. 

The applicant is expected to have significant artistic qualifications and wide practical experience in the field. In addition, the applicant is expected to have strong and well-articulated vision regarding the field and how it should be developed. 

For general requirements on Aalto University Tenure Track career system and language requirements, please see

What we offer

In this position you will have the opportunity to support the learning and development of young artists in an environment of talented and inspiring students and colleagues. The position also provides an opportunity for facilitating the development of the field. You will have the opportunity of planning and developing your own work and flexibility for artistic leaves. Aalto University follows the salary system of Finnish universities, but applicants may also provide salary requirements. The contract includes occupational health benefits and Finland has a comprehensive social security system.

Aalto University provides high-end facilities for sound design and filmmaking. The facilities include for example an excellent mixing-stage (see and sound and picture edits. For more information, please see

Finland has a high standard of living, a world leading education system, and a vibrant commercial and cultural life. It enjoys a robust economy and political stability. It has excellent transport links to the major cities of Europe and beyond. Helsinki is one of Europe’s leading capital cities and a vivid center of scholarship. As a living and working environment, Finland is consistently ranked highly in quality-of-life and competitiveness studies. More information is available at:

Tenure track in Aalto University

The position will be placed on the Aalto University Tenure Track. Individuals on the tenure track have the possibility to advance in their career through regular performance assessments, which take into account their merits in all areas of their scope of duty. Launched only in 2010, the tenure track has attracted a wide range of international applicants, giving Aalto University the possibility of recruiting top experts and young talent to join the Aalto University community.

Throughout their careers, those in the academic tenure track system are expected to exercise and guide scientific/artistic research and/or artistic work, to provide related higher academic education, to follow the advances of their field, to participate in service to the Aalto University community, and to take part in societal interaction and international collaboration in their field. For more information on the tenure track system of Aalto University, please see

How to apply

The application process includes two phases. In the first phase the applicants are required to submit the following material:

  • Application letter addressed to the President of Aalto University
  • Curriculum Vitae (including contact information and a possible list of publications)
  • Filmography (including list of festivals, distribution, awards etc.; 10 most important productions highlighted)
  • Summary of teaching experience (max 2 pages)
  • A description of your views regarding teaching (max 2 pages)
  • A description of your views regarding the present situation and the future development of the field (max 2 pages)

All material must be in English. The application material will not be returned. Aalto University does not accept any recommendations for applicants during the first phase of the application process. 

Please submit your application with attachments (in PDF-format, max 20 MB each) through the eRecruitment system no later than 30th August 2018 (Finnish time UTC +3). The link to the eRecruitment system ('Apply for this job') can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please use the following file naming convention: lastname_firstname_attachmentname_YYYY-MM-DD.pdf (for example applicant_anna_cv_2018-01-01.pdf).

General instructions for applicants including e.g. guidelines for compiling CV are given at

 Aalto University reserves the right for justified reasons to leave the position open, to extend the application period and to consider candidates who have not submitted applications during the application period. 

Recruitment process

From amongst the applicants in the first phase, Aalto University will select those who will be asked to supplement their application materials and to visit the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Supplemented applications are submitted for review by external experts (the second phase of the application process).

For more information

For additional information, please contact the Chair of the Departmental Recruitment Committee, Mika Ritalahti tel. +358 40 707 4848, email In recruitment process –related questions please contact HR-coordinator Piia Vaisanen (on vacation on 9 July – 5 August), tel. +358 50 408 3097, email

In Espoo, 20 June 2018