Postdoctoral Researcher Position – Suspended graphene and universality of 1/f noise

The NANO group at Aalto University’s Department of Applied Physics (Helsinki, Finland) is looking for one postdoctoral researcher to join the Academy of Finland project “1/f noise”. This position is targeted in strengthening our capabilities in suspended graphene devices, which can be employed as sensors in various condensed matter systems.


1/f noise has been a mystery in physics for more than 50 years. Curiously, 1/f noise is observed in nature in various context, for example in brain signals, music, traffic, etc. The phenomenon is still not explained, not even in electrical devices in spite of several attempts. The 1/f noise mechanisms in solid state systems have recently become yet more important due to their impact on decoherence properties of qubit systems.

Problems dealing with the 1/f noise have traditionally been solved using empirical methods, which currently slows down the development of efficient quantum technology components based on entanglement and superposition.  Our project will employ new ideas for making progress in understanding the generation of 1/f noise. Our hypothesis will go beyond the existing theories by including time dependent processes to the trap states created by lattice defects or impurities. It is clear that the distribution of the traps is not stationary. On the contrary, the distribution varies all the time depending on the particular impurities, the lattice, and of course the temperature.

In our work, we address all these issues both theoretically and experimentally. We test our theories using new two-dimensional materials. One of our main premises is that ultraclean suspended graphene forms an excellent low noise platform on which one can study the creation of noise fluctuators by controlled deposition of gas atoms on the graphene surface. By controlling and measuring the gas coverage nearly at single-atom level by mechanical resonance frequency, one can tune the dynamics of the deposited fluctuators in a precise fashion. By correlating the dynamics of adsorbed atoms with the changes in the 1/f noise, universal tests on the origin of 1/f noise can be performed.


Our research group is a member of the Academy of Finland’s Center of Excellence “LTQ”. The work takes place in Low Temperature Laboratoryand Micronova nanofabrication center, which are part of the national OtaNano research infrastructure.

For further information on this project, contact Prof. Pertti Hakonen (


The contract will be made initially for two years, with possible extensions for 1-2 years. The salary level for postdoctoral researchers is between 3500 and 3800 euros. A preferred starting date is before the end of 2017, but it can be negotiated. The annual total workload of research and teaching staff at Aalto University is 1624 hours. The position will be located at the Aalto University Otaniemi Campus.

A doctorate in condensed matter physics or equivalent on a topic of relevance is expected from the candidate. Alternatively, a certificate showing that the applicant will have his/her doctoral thesis evaluated before the start of the contract has to be presented. Very good command of English and a demonstrated ability to publish scientific work is a mandatory requirement for the position. Experience related to the above-described tasks is highly appreciated.


Please apply through the link "Apply for this job" at the bottom of this page.

Application material should include (all documents in English):

  • Letter of motivation (max. one page)
  • CV
  • Educational certificates
  • Two letters of recommendation (or contact details of two possible referees)
Please, send your application as a single PDF file at your earliest convenience by 31st of October 2017 through the recruitment system. Evaluation of the applications will start immediately.