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Welcome to Finland

We are happy that you are considering becoming part of Aalto University community!

This website is designed to be an initial information package for you interested in moving to Finland, and also as a resourse for you who already are an international member of the Aalto community. 

Under each topic you will find some basic information on everything from immigration formalities to useful links for settling into life in Finland and at Aalto University. We recommend that before arriving in Finland you would at least go through the “Official matters” section, which presents the most important issues regarding immigration. You might also want to read “Other essentials” beforehand, as it presents many practical issues and helpful links for settling in Finland. In section "For Families", you can find information on, for example, about educational and networking opportunities.

We hope that all our international visitors, researchers, teachers, other staff, and family members will settle well in Finland and enjoy their stay.

Welcome to Finland and Aalto University!


Official matters

Other essentials

Working at Aalto University

For families

About Finland

About Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Why come to Finland, Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Aalto University?


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