For Staff

For longer term housing in Helsinki Metropolitan Area the best options are either renting or purchasing an apartment or a house. Rental rates are relatively high varying from  600€  to 1,000€ /month for a studio apartment depending on the location. Finding suitable accommodation can be challenging and time consuming especially at the beginning of the autumn term (August/September).

For shorter accommodation needs there are plenty of options available in Helsinki region, varying from apartment hotels to hotel level researcher dormitories and furnished rental apartments.

Aalto University has a limited number of guest apartments and researcher dormitory rooms as well as job-related apartments, and there are restrictions on who are eligible to apply for these (See Aalto University Apartments).

New incoming international staff members

As soon as your stay in Finland is officially confirmed, please contact the receiving unit to get started in finding accommodation. Usually the first step when coming to work at Aalto University is to move into Aalto University´s entry-level accommodation, either in  our researcher dormitory Töölö Towers or Aalto Inn (providing that  there is availability).See more info in here (

While staying at entry-level accommodation, and after finalizing all the formalities regarding moving to Finland, you should start to look for a long term apartment from private rentals. Aalto University can provide general advice and guidance in this process.

Questions regarding housing issues and services can be sent to housing [at] aalto [dot] fi

Reservations for entry-level accommodations, contact your receiving unit/contact person.

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