Career at Aalto University

We believe that it is the people who make Aalto: they enable world class research, provide pioneering education, create trend-setting art and empower society renewing collaboration.




Professors form the core of our academic staff. Professors working at different levels (assistant, associate, and full) on our tenure track career system are passionate experts and teachers in their fields. In addition, we have distinguished professionals from business life, public sector, and arts working in Professor of Practice tasks. Adjunct Professors work part-time at Aalto and participate intensively especially in teaching. We also host visiting professors from our partner universities.


Our lecturers focus especially on teaching and its developing. In addition, they are active in research and/or artistic activities. The goal of Aalto University’s lecturers’ career system is to advance the professional development of our teaching staff. The responsibilities for developing and managing teaching expand as experience is gained.

Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows

Postdoctoral Researchers are recent doctoral graduates, who are developing their research competence and otherwise promoting their academic careers. The position offers a great opportunity to grow as a researcher, to obtain teaching experience, and to work towards tenure track career path. Research Fellows are qualified researchers with significant research experience, who are further developing their academic skills.

Staff Scientists and Senior Scientists

Researchers working as Staff Scientists and Senior Scientists support professors and lecturers in their research work. They have special expertise in, for example, the use and development of research equipment as part of research. Staff Scientist and Senior Scientist positions require a doctoral degree or equivalent artistic merits.

Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral education is the first step in an academic career. Aalto University offers internationally high-quality doctoral education in all areas of its research and art. Our schools usually organise a doctoral candidate selection once or twice a year. Some programmes have continuous application period - a more detailed application procedure can be found on the schools’ websites. Read more about Aalto University’s doctoral programmes

Support and expert staff

Top-level science and art require a top-level support network. A great number of different professionals work in service and expert tasks that support teaching and research at Aalto University. We have positions, for example, in the fields of innovation services, learning, IT, marketing, HR, finance, and real estate administration.

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