Careers at Aalto

We believe that it is the people who make Aalto: they enable world class research, provide pioneering education, create trend-setting art and empower society renewing collaboration.

The unique profile of Aalto University enables new combinations of science and art, and opens fresh opportunities for combining expertise in technology, business and design. We invite employees with passion for creating new and courage for open-minded cross boundary thinking. Join us to build a better world!

Pioneering research and learning community

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary university where research and teaching go hand in hand. The latest research knowledge contributes to teaching and business projects bring practicality to learning. We are generating new forms of collaboration in an environment where academic teams, researchers and students work together with companies and communities. For example Factories provide platforms combining the expertise of the different Aalto University schools in the fields of product development, media and services. We actively cooperate with business and support entrepreneurship.

Path to success

As the work in itself – whether it is research, teaching or supporting those – that motivates our employees the most, the faculty of Aalto University focuses on university’s core tasks and academic work is supported by professional services. We offer career systems for professors, lecturers and other academic employees and for staff working within services.  Clear goal setting and target-oriented, long-term support for personal, academic and professional development are the core components of our career systems. Faculty’s and staff’s wellbeing is also supported by a motivating rewarding system, flexible working arrangements, access to wide range of sports activities and  occupational healthcare.

Developing Academic Leadership together

In addition to the traditional academic roles, the University also highlights the importance of supervisors as community leaders and role models. Good academic leadership creates the right balance between academic freedom and personal support. In a well-functioning academic work environment, everyone feels their work is appreciated and the atmosphere is encouraging – even if scientifically critical. At Aalto University, our supervisors are supported in their leadership role every day. We also provide our supervisors with opportunities to develop their leadership skills through e.g. training programmes, coaching, mentoring and 360 assessment. The aim is to create a work place where you can focus on your own work and achievement of your targets.

Diversity – equality

Aalto is actively recruiting talents all over the world, and it is important to ensure incomers a smooth landing and settling in Finland. In our multicultural work community, 16 % of Aalto’s faculty and staff have cultural roots outside Finland. The goal of Aalto University is to offer equal working environment where both employees and students are treated equally and respectfully regardless of their gender, job position or different backgrounds. Equality creates solid ground for enhancing multicultural work community (Equality plan and Language guidelines).

Sharing our values?

The most important factor affecting the daily work of individuals is the culture of the community. In our case, it is based on values that guide our choices and actions.

We have the passion to do our work with ambition and commitment. We feel we are aiming at the right goals and building a better world. We believe in ourselves, each other and our shared possibilities firmly and unwaveringly.

We have the freedom to think independently and to take initiative. This has, throughout time, been the corner stone of civilisation and academic thinking. Freedom means the permission, or even responsibility, to ask and question things – but also the willingness to respond and take a stand.

We have the courage to use our freedom. At Aalto, we do not like to think of anything as categorically impossible – even though not everything is possible. Trial and error and their repetition even in the face of exhaustion or failing have been behind many scientific breakthroughs.

In addition, we share, in accordance with our mission, the responsibility not just for the success of our community but also for the future of the world and Finland. We consider this responsibility both an honour and a privilege.

All our activities are guided by integrity – honesty, equality, impartiality, and respect for others.

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