Vision of the campus

The Otaniemi campus is being strongly reformed. By 2021, all of the University's core functions will be in Otaniemi, home of the lively Aalto City that supports innovations.

Together with the City of Espoo, an interactive and user-oriented top environment will be built in Otaniemi for research, innovations, learning and the arts. In the coming years, the amount of jobs and housing will increase in the thousands while transit connections improve as the Metro and high-speed tram connections are completed. The surrounding companies, startups, technology parks and the University campus will be further connected to each other to support the creation of new information and innovations.

In the Otaniemi of the future, work, living, and services in the residential area link up in a unique way. The region tries new functional solutions and the creative common use of spaces for the needs of different user groups. The goal of campus development is a mixture of a valuable history and a new kind of planning. 


Conceptual image of the Otaniemi Metro Centre by Verstas Arkkitehdit, which will be the entire area’s meeting place. The centre will, in addition to university operations, house commercial services such as shops and restaurants.


Aalto City, which will be built around the new Otaniemi centre, unites university activities with the area’s commercial services while functioning as the traffic hub for Otaniemi. Buildings for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the School of Business together with the Metro Centre will form its core. The Otaniemi Innovation Hub gathers partners to the university's vicinity.